Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bootleg Maria Hill Minifigure

Maria Hill, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The one on the left is by Sheng Yuan and the one on the right is by Decool.  Decool version has a tapered waist.

Here are the backsides:  Sheng Yuan (left) and Decool (right).  The SY version is a stronger blue whereas the Decool one is faded.  The Decool plastic mold is rougher than SY.

Arm printing on SY is better than Decool.  SY (left) Decool (right).  Also there is a ridge on the forehead of Decool Maria Hill.

Maria Hill Sheng Yuan is from the Age of Ultron set SY275.  Maria Hill is model #0225 in the Decool Age of Ultron set.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sheng Yuan SY302 Batmobile set review

Today I'm reviewing the Sheng Yuan's Batmobile set SY302. It is a direct bootleg of Lego's set 6864 Batmobile and Two Face Chase.    

It features the same opening canopy, rear mounted flick fire missiles and movable wings as the real Lego batmobile.

 There are 255 pieces to this set and it only includes the Batmobile, Batman minifigure and henchman minifigure (not pictured here).

It does not include the Two-Face car or the bank that is in the original 531 piece Lego set.

It's the car, right?  Chicks love the car.

Build quality was excellent and there were no missing pieces to this set.

Brand: Sheng Yuan (SY)
Series: Famous Super Heroes
Model: SY302 Batmobile
Number of Pieces: 255
Number of Minifigures:  2 (Batman, Henchman)
Copied from: Lego 6864 Two Face Chase