Thursday, October 15, 2015

Decool Mini Figures List

I'm always looking for the latest bootleg superheroes mini-figures and now that it looks like Decool is no longer producing anymore, I thought it would be a good time to list all of the sets that I know of. This catalog was the latest one i could find on the internet, but it doesn't show the newest big figs or the green arrow set.

Most Decool super heroes mini-figures come in sets of 6, but some come in sets of 4 and 9 also.  Big figs are listed individually or in sets of 3.   If you managed to collect every one of the Decool superhero mini-figures you'd have 137 of them.  I'll start with the most current series and work backwards chronologically.   If  the bigfig or mini-figure set is in my collection, I'll put a link to my review of it.

0232-0237 Green Arrow set of 6

0231 Iron Man MK38 Bigfig

0230 Gorilla Grodd Bigfig

0229 Darkseid Bigfig

0217-0222 Age of Ultron set of 6

0211-0216 DC Superheroes set of 6

0205-0210 Avengers set of 6

0199-0204 DC Superheroes set of 6

0198 Groot Bigfig

0192-0197 DC/Marvel Superheroes set of 6

0191 Juggernaut Bigfig

0190 Rhino Bigfig

0184-0189 Batman/Xmen Superheroes set of 6

0183 Green Goblin Bigfig

0182 Venom Bigfig

0181 Hulkbuster Bigfig

0175-0180 Guardians of the Galaxy set of 6

0169-0174 Marvel Superheroes set of 6

0160-0168 Iron Man set of 9

0156-0159 Future Foundation set of 4

0153-0155 The Thing Bigfig set of 3

0147-0152 Marvel Superheroes and Joker set of 6

0144-0146 Hulk Bigfig set of 3

0140-0143 Fantastic Four set of 4

0134-0139 Marvel/DC Superheroes set of 6

0128-0133 DC Superheroes and Dr. Doom set of 6

0122-0127 Iron Man set of 6

0116-0121 Marvel/Dc Superheroes set of 6

0110-0115 Iron Man set of 6

Note: Prior to Decool's production of Marvel and DC Superheroes mini-figures, they were mainly issuing a lot of Ninja and Ninja turtle mini-figures.  Their numbering scheme for those sets was inconsistent.  At some point I might try to list them, but for now I'm focusing just on the Super heroes mini-figs.

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