Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sheng Yuan Sy182 Batman Minifigures (Old and New)

Sheng Yuan released a set of eight Batman mini figures not once but twice in 2014.  Both sets are referenced as SY182.  Both sets have the old style rounded feet.   The original SY182 set has the Batman figures all with capes.  The newer SY182 set has the Batman figures with wings.

Blue Suit Batman - Lego clone 2012

Electro Suit Batman - copy of Lego Visual Dictionary version 2012

Arctic Batman - Lego clone 2013

Original Batman - Lego clone 2006

Dark Knight Batman - clone of Lego 2008 version.

Black Suit Batman - Lego clone 2012

The eight figures sets consist of six Batman figures and Robin and Joker.  

The Robin minifigure is the same in both sets except the colouration of his utility belt is different.  He is copied from the Lego Robin that came out in 2012.

 The Joker in SY182 is pretty much the same in both sets.  He is based on Lego's 2006 version.

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