Friday, January 1, 2016

Xinh Super heroes Minifigures (by Decool)

I find it interesting and coincidental that the new brand Xinh seems to rise out of the ashes of Decool's demise.

While previously known for the 4 Ghostbusters mini figures, Xinh is now the best maker of Star Wars minifigure bootlegs.   These mini figures use the standard stud attachment between the legs and the torso, most commonly seen in Lego and Sheng Yuan mini figures.

While it wasn't really known for super heroes minifigs, there is a curious Xinh set which I picked up last month.  It is an eight figure set, that includes Lois Lane, Harley Quinn, Red Skull, Silver Surfer, Cyborg, Ghost Rider, Hawkman and Arsenal.  They are all very high quality.

If you are familiar with Decool mini figures, you'll know that they have a proprietary method of attaching the legs to the torso via blades instead of studs.

When I took apart the Xinh super heroes set, what I found was that they were using Decool molds with the same blade inserts.   Interesting!

Only four of the mini figures in this set have double sided heads, Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer, Harley Quinn and Red Skull are only one sided.

Another interesting note is that the Xinh XH172 Red Skull appears to be identical to Decool 0171 Red Skull.  It's quite possible that Xinh XH175 Hawkman and XH174 Cyborg could be re-issues of Decool 202 and 203 respectively, however I don't have the Decool 0199-0204 set to verify.

Here's the model numbers based on what I could find from Ali Express.

XH104 Harley Quinn
XH172 Red Skull
XH173 Arsenal
XH174 Cyborg
XH175 Hawkman
XH176 Lois Lane
XH177 Silver Surfer
XH179 Ghost Rider

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  1. Mmmm, it´s strange :/, Perhaps the return of Decool ? By the way , I recommend this series? It has much quality as Sheng Yuan? I am looking forward to your response!