Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sheng Yuan SY252 Charlie IX and Dodomo Minifigures

I had to do a search on Charlie IX and Dodomo to find out more information about this character.  Apparently Dodomo is an awkward student detective.  His dog's name is Charlie IX.  He is China's equivalent of Harry Potter.  There's a series of fantasy books about Dodomo and his royal dog.

Sheng Yuan put out this six mini figure set SY252 due to the popularity in China.  Unfortunately, I haven't dug up any more information about the other characters in this set.  The boy above seems to be quite active in sports. He comes with a soccer ball, goal and a skateboard.

This guy must be a computer nerd or someone intellectual.  He comes with a newspaper, laptop, mug and an umbrella.  Maybe a father figure?

Is this figure the mom?  She's got an apron and cooking utensils.

This figure likes animals a lot and perhaps she's the little sister?   Looks like she has a hedgehog and owl as pets.

Not sure who this guy is, but he's ready for bedtime as he is dressed in pajamas.  He has a side table with book.  Not sure about the squirrels significance.

The figures in this set are near Lego quality.  They all have individual hair pieces and outfits.  Print and colour is nice.  I like this set.  Just not sure why the set isn't called Dodomo and Charlie IX.  Why does the dog get top billing?

Sheng Yuan SY252 Charlie IX minifigure set.
Number of minifigures: 6.
Price paid:  $3.25 USD (won bid)
Bought from: Ebay

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