Friday, January 15, 2016

Xinh X0103 Star Wars Minifigures

Xinh is a relatively new producer of bootleg mini figures.  Their first set was the four figure Ghostbusters set.  It's possible that Xinh is Decool 2.0 since Decool doesn't seem to be creating any new product.

Xinh has now put out two sets of  Star Wars mini figures (X0103 and X0104) that coincided with the release of the new The Force Awakens movie.  In this post, I'll look at the first set X0103.  There are eight figures in this set, the majority copied from Lego's First Order Transporter set 75103.

Kylo Ren is one of three figures that didn't come in the Lego First Order Transporter set. He's in Lego's Kylo Ren Shuttle set 75104. He comes with a small cape and both helmet and cowl. I personally prefer the cowl over the helmet.  He has a one sided face and there is printing on the legs.  I read about some reviewers that had some bad printing on the face, but mine looks fairly consistent and straight.   Kylo comes with his crossguard lightsaber but I didn't bother to feature it in the pics, sorry.  Xinh item number is 144.

Next up is a First Order flametrooper figure.  Helmet, chest and leg printing looks good. Comes with fuel tank (pictured) and flame thrower (not pictured).  Xinh didn't include a flame piece for the flamethrower. He only has a single sided face.  Model item is 145.

I was hoping that Captain Phasma would look better, but this figure is probably the biggest disappointment of the set.  The helmet has a lot of molding defects and there is no head, just a black placeholder.  Nothing special on the torso and leg printing. Let's hope that it gets re-made in near future by Xinh,  Sheng Yuan or Dargo.  I'd like to see a face and a shinier helmet.  Xinh model item is 146.

So I thought this figure was Rey but it turns out she is a female resistance fighter as per the Lego transporter set.  It would appear that she has the same bare midriff top as the original Lego figure, but Xinh two sided face doesn't quite match the Lego version. Xinh item number 147.

This snowtrooper officer is bootlegged from the Lego First Order Snowspeeder set 75100.  He's got a single sided head with angry face, which is very close to the Lego version.  The movie version outfit looks way cooler than the Lego/bootleg version.  I'm not really liking the open kilt.  Also, the Xinh helmet doesn't look as nice as the Lego version.  Item number 148. 

Unkar's thug comes from the Lego Rey's Speeder set 75099.  He's pretty accurate to the Lego version as far as I can tell although his vest seems to be brighter than the Lego version.  Face and torso printing is good.  Xinh item 149.

The male resistance fighter from the First Order transporter set is re-produced in the Xinh set.  The single sided face doesn't have the same eyebrows of the Lego version minifig.  Other than that, there's not much noteworthy about this figure.  Item number is 150.

The final figure in Xinh X0103 set is the First Order stormtrooper.  He's got the same single sided angry face as the snowtrooper.  Helmet and torso details look to be fairly accurate.  Xinh item 151.

I bought the Xinh set X0103 just before Christmas off ebay for about $5 USD.  Here's the list of minifigures again:

XH144 Kylo Ren
XH145 First Order Flametrooper
XH146 Captain Phasma
XH147 Female Resistance Fighter
XH148 First Order Snowtrooper Officer
XH149 Unkar's Thug
XH150 Male Resistance Fighter
XH151 First Order Stormtrooper


  1. Was it 5$ for all of them or per piece?

    1. Hi, it was 5 USD for the set of 8 figures. Thx for visiting!

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