Friday, June 10, 2016

Pogo Star Wars Princess Leia Minifigures

I got my Pogo brand Princess Leia mini-figures today.

First Up is Star Wars Episode IV Leia.  This figure is a clone of Lego's 2011 version.
From the set 7965 Millenium Falcon.

No back printing.  Pogo item: SW-337.

Next one is Star Wars Episode V Hoth Leia.  She is a Lego 2011 clone version from set 7879 Hoth Echo base.

This one has back printing. Pogo item: SW-346.

The third Leia is from Star Wars Episode IV in ceremonial garb.  Pogo item: SW-371

She is a Lego clone of the mini-figure found in the 2012 Lego 9495 Gold Leader's Y-Wing Star-fighter set.

Here's a look at the Pogo brand mini-figure torso and hip connectors.

Overall, the paint quality on the figures is quite good.  There is only a one sided head and the same head is used on all three mini-figures.   There also noticeable ridges on the heads where they were cast.   Another complaint is that the hip molding for the left leg pin is somewhat bent so the left leg is not straight.  I have found this problem in my other Pogo mini-figures. 

Brand: Pogo
Series:  Princess Leia SW-337, SW-346, SW-371.
Price paid: $1.76 USD for the set of three minifigs, on ebay with free shipping.

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