Friday, June 24, 2016

Pogo PG8012 X-Men Minifigures

Thought I'd take a break from building the Lepin Fire Brigade modular, so I took some pictures of Pogo X-Men minifigures, set number is PG8012.

PG-030 Warpath

Warpath has a two sided head, here is his angry face.

And here is his annoyed face.

Here's how Warpath looks from behind.

PG-031 Rogue

Rogue with single face, front view

Rogue, rear view.

PG-032 Bishop

Bishop also only has a single face.  Nice leg printing.

Bishop's backside.  

PG-033 Kitty Pride/Shadowcat

Shadowcat looks like she got mustard on her outfit.  Despite the paint flaw, she looks awesome.

Ok, so much for seeing the back of the uniform, hair is too long.

PG-034 Sabretooth

Sabretooth with angry face.  I think I accidentally deleted  the pic of his other face, will add it to the post soon.

Sabretooth behind.

PG-035 Colossus

Colossus, front view.  I'd be really happy if they could make him into a bigfig.  Paint is sloppy on this minifigure.

More sloppiness on his backside.  Note the arm printing and front and back leg printing.

PG-036 Cable

Cable with mad face.

Cable with sort of happy face.

Cable from behind.

PG-037 Emma Frost

Not sure what happened to Emma Frost's face, but it kinda sucks. Too much forehead.

Hey, this female minifigure's face would look awesome on Emma Frost.

And poof!  A head transplant has occurred.

Head swap.  Like it or hate it?

Brand: Pogo
Set: PG8012 X-Men
Number of Figures: 8
Paid about $1 for each minifig.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Hsanhe 6410-1 Corner Coffee Modular set Review

Look what just showed up!   These cool mini modular buildings are by chinese brick brand Hsanhe.  I don't even know how to pronounce Hsanhe, but I don't care, because these buildings are awesome. What's interesting is that these sets were originally proposed to Lego Ideas CUUSOO back in 2012, but were rejected by Lego.  Here's the link:

Today I will look at one of the sets called the Corner Coffee 6410-1.  The set proposed to Lego looked like this, with the Starbucks branded logos.

And here's the Hsanhe set.

The colour and bricks are identical, except for the logo.  It says Corner Coffee instead of Starbucks.  Note that I used a single brick tile in place of the stack of bricks for the logo.  Other than that the rest of the bricks came with the Hsanhe set.  There are roughly 190 pieces to this set, but you get another 20 random pieces after you finish building.

The original set proposed to Lego had a baseplate that was 16 studs wide by 8 studs deep.  The Hsanhe set is 10 studs deep.  At the front of the building, there is a fire hydrant, 2 tables, 2 umbrellas and 4 chairs.   Two floor to ceiling windows flank the central doorway.

The right side view shows the connection point that makes it a modular. All the rest of the buildings come with the connector hole and peg.  The building is 6 studs wide.  One thing I didn't care for was the fact that the baseplate is made up of 3 pieces, 2 16 x  2 plates and 1 16 x 6 plate.    In future I will replace the baseplate with a single piece, maybe 10 x 20.

Above is the left side view.

The rear of the building is open for access.  Spidey is sitting at the table savouring his grande drip. There is a counter and a small cash register near the entrance.  On the side wall is a table with cups and coffee maker.

Oh I forgot to mention that there are two pendant lights attached to the ceiling.

Here's the view from above.

Ceiling details.

Closeup of the barista station.

Closeup of the seating area.

And finally, here are the two minifigures that come with the Hsanhe set.  You get a guy who is wearing a green and white apron and a female with dark black hair.  Sorry, Spiderman doesn't come with this set.

Overall quality of the bricks is very good, and the glass plates are not too scratched.  You get a small sticker sheet for the store and cup logos.   These mini modular sets can be found on ebay for just over $10 USD and cheaper on Aliexpress, where I bought mine.

Brand: Hsanhe
Model: 6410-1 Corner Coffee mini modular
Pieces:  190 as per package description (but you get more)
Price:  I paid about $7 CDN each because I bought the set of six buildings from Aliexpress.

Recommend?  Yes.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Pogo Star Wars Princess Leia Minifigures

I got my Pogo brand Princess Leia mini-figures today.

First Up is Star Wars Episode IV Leia.  This figure is a clone of Lego's 2011 version.
From the set 7965 Millenium Falcon.

No back printing.  Pogo item: SW-337.

Next one is Star Wars Episode V Hoth Leia.  She is a Lego 2011 clone version from set 7879 Hoth Echo base.

This one has back printing. Pogo item: SW-346.

The third Leia is from Star Wars Episode IV in ceremonial garb.  Pogo item: SW-371

She is a Lego clone of the mini-figure found in the 2012 Lego 9495 Gold Leader's Y-Wing Star-fighter set.

Here's a look at the Pogo brand mini-figure torso and hip connectors.

Overall, the paint quality on the figures is quite good.  There is only a one sided head and the same head is used on all three mini-figures.   There also noticeable ridges on the heads where they were cast.   Another complaint is that the hip molding for the left leg pin is somewhat bent so the left leg is not straight.  I have found this problem in my other Pogo mini-figures. 

Brand: Pogo
Series:  Princess Leia SW-337, SW-346, SW-371.
Price paid: $1.76 USD for the set of three minifigs, on ebay with free shipping.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Lepin Modular Buildings List

Earlier this year, I heard a rumour that Lepin would be copying the original Lego modular building sets.  Certainly that was an ambitious plan, even for a bootleg company.   Then, around the end of April 2016, images of the Lego Brick Bank set 10251 surfaced, but with Lepin logo in place of Lego.
Then, in May, Asian brick forums started to buzz with actual Lepin set pictures and reviews.

For the most part, the Lepin set is about 98% accurate with some minor changes on a few bricks and minifigure hair.  There have been some reports about missing pieces., lepin modular buildings

The Lepin Creators set 15001 Brick Bank, 2413 pieces

The Lego Brick Bank set currently retails for $219.99 CDN, $169.99 USD.   On Aliexpress, you can find the clone set for under $70 USD or $90 CDN. That price includes shipping via DHL.   That's about one third of the Lego retail price.   Use the Search function on Aliexpress and look for "Lepin 15001" to check availability and pricing.

Update Jan 24, 2017:  I've made a list of the cheapest Lepin Modular building sets on my blog post here.

Here are the Lego modular sets that have been copied by Lepin that are currently for sale on Aliexpress.  So far, there are 14 sets that have been made or scheduled to be released.  In terms of pricing, the following Lepin sets can be bought for under $100 CDN shipped:  Brick Bank, Cafe Corner, Fire Brigade, Market Street, and Green Grocer.  The rest of the sets are about $120 CDN and above.

Lepin # Name  Lego # and Status 
15001 Brick Bank 10251
15002 Cafe Corner 10182 - Retired
15003 Town Hall 10224 - Retired
15004 Fire Brigade 10197 - Retired
15005 Grand Emporium 10211 - Retired
15006 Palace Cinema  10232
15007 Market Street 10190 - Retired
15008 Green Grocer 10185 - Retired
15009 Pet Shop 10218
15010 Parisian Restaurant  10243
15011 Detective's Office 10246
15012 Ferris Wheel  10247
15013 Grand Carousel   10196 - Retired
15019 Assembly Square 10255

I probably won't be getting the Lepin 15007 Market Street, just because it doesn't look like that interesting a build.  If the price of this set drops below $50 CDN, I might pick it up for it's parts.
I'm also not that into the 15012 Ferris Wheel or the 15013 Grand Carousel.

That makes ten modulars that I want.  I only want to pay on average $80 CDN for each, so I'm looking to shell out about $800 CDN.  Wow, I guess I will have to live on instant noodles, TV dinners and Mac and Cheese for awhile.

*** ***

Here are some of the pictures I found on Aliexpress., lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15002 Cafe Corner, 2133 pieces, lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15003 Town Hall, 2859 pieces, lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15004 Fire Brigade, 2313 pieces, lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15005 Grand Emporium, 2182 pieces, lepin modular buildings

Lepin 15006 Palace Cinema, 2354 pieces, lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15007 Market Street, 1275 pieces, lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15008 Green Grocer, 2462 pieces, lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15009 Pet Shop, 2082 pieces, lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15010 Parisian Restaurant, 2418 pieces, lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15011 Detective's Office, 2262 pieces, lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15012 Ferris Wheel, 2478 pieces, lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15013 Grand Carousel, 3263 pieces

Lepin 15019 Assembly Square,  4002 pieces

I decided to order a couple of the sets to review their quality.   Look for a future post in which I review one of the modular sets by Lepin.

Aug 20th Update:

My Lepin modular build reviews can be found here:

15002 Cafe Corner, built June 2016

15003 Town Hall , built July 2016

15004 Fire Brigade, built August 2016

15010 Parisian Restaurant, built September 2016

15011 Detective's Office, built October 2016

Nov 28 Update:

I created a new set list of Lepin Movie themed building sets and have moved the Ghostbusters and Simpsons buildings there.

More set reviews to come!  Brought to you by *** ***.