Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pogo PG8006 X-Men Minifigures

Let's look at another set of mini figures today.  These ones are made by Pogo and were never made by Lego, so technically they are not fakes or knockoffs.  Set PG8006 consists of 8 mini figures.  Some are good and some not so good.   Let's review shall we?

First up:  PG022 Wolverine

I cannot stand the face this used on this Wolverine mini figure. It just looks stupid.  The eyes are too close together.   

I love Wolverine's costume though.  I might pick up a few more of PG022 just to get the outfit and toss the heads away.  I'm hoping they will do one a female version of this costume, so I could put all the X-men together with the same outfits.  It's interesting that Pogo does some back leg printing on this set.

PG023 Rogue, nice touch on the hair colouring.

Rogue also has printing on the back of her legs.

PG024 Quicksilver - this character is based on a comic book version, not the movie version.

Not crazy about Quicksilver's hairpiece.

Here's PG025 Psylocke.  I don't like her face but not sure why.

The Psylocke minifg comes with a pink sword and purple thunderbolt which I chose not to display here.

PG026 Professor Xavier.   My favourite of the bunch.

He comes with a cool wheelchair.

Professor X from behind.

Professor X's wheelchair from behind  ;P .

PG027 Iceman - The derpy eyebrows and facial expression is not working for me.

Iceman backside.

PG028 Archangel.  Love the badass face and side printing on the arms.

Sadly, the chrome wings I got were all scratched to hell.  

PG029 Mystique - The only minifig in this set with two faces.  They should not have made Mystique the lead character in the X-Men: Apocalypse move.  Jennifer Lawrence is over-rated.

Mystique with angry face.  

Mystique rear view.

Thanks for looking!

Brand:  Pogo
Set: PG8006 X-men minifigures
Number of minifgs: 8

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