Friday, June 24, 2016

Pogo PG8012 X-Men Minifigures

Thought I'd take a break from building the Lepin Fire Brigade modular, so I took some pictures of Pogo X-Men minifigures, set number is PG8012.

PG-030 Warpath

Warpath has a two sided head, here is his angry face.

And here is his annoyed face.

Here's how Warpath looks from behind.

PG-031 Rogue

Rogue with single face, front view

Rogue, rear view.

PG-032 Bishop

Bishop also only has a single face.  Nice leg printing.

Bishop's backside.  

PG-033 Kitty Pride/Shadowcat

Shadowcat looks like she got mustard on her outfit.  Despite the paint flaw, she looks awesome.

Ok, so much for seeing the back of the uniform, hair is too long.

PG-034 Sabretooth

Sabretooth with angry face.  I think I accidentally deleted  the pic of his other face, will add it to the post soon.

Sabretooth behind.

PG-035 Colossus

Colossus, front view.  I'd be really happy if they could make him into a bigfig.  Paint is sloppy on this minifigure.

More sloppiness on his backside.  Note the arm printing and front and back leg printing.

PG-036 Cable

Cable with mad face.

Cable with sort of happy face.

Cable from behind.

PG-037 Emma Frost

Not sure what happened to Emma Frost's face, but it kinda sucks. Too much forehead.

Hey, this female minifigure's face would look awesome on Emma Frost.

And poof!  A head transplant has occurred.

Head swap.  Like it or hate it?

Brand: Pogo
Set: PG8012 X-Men
Number of Figures: 8
Paid about $1 for each minifig.


  1. i like the head swap. miracle works ;)


    here is a video of these