Friday, July 8, 2016

Xinh X0107 Spider-Verse Minifigures

With my focus on the Lepin Modular sets, I've been remiss to post pictures of my latest updates to my bootleg minifigure collection.   So here's some pics of the Xinh X0107 Spider-Verse set of 8 minifigures that I got recently.

Scarlet Spider, the clone of Spiderman.

Front View

Back View

Side View, note the arm printing.

Green Goblin, nemesis of Spiderman.

Front view with smiling face.

Front view with grimacing face.

Back view.

Spider Woman, unsanctioned Avenger, ex-Hydra agent.

Front View with scowling face.

Front View with smiling face.

Back View.

Xinh's Spiderwoman minifigure is copied from Lego's 2013 San Diego Comic-Con giveaway.

Spiderman 2099, alternate Marvel universe.

Front View.

Side View with arm printing.

Back View.

Spider Gwen, alternate Marvel Universe.

Front View.

Back View.

Iron Spider, alternate Marvel Universe.

Front View.

Rear view with Armor.

Rear view.

Spiderman Noir, alternate Marvel Universe.

Front View.

Alternate front view.

Back view.

Dr Octopus (Doc Ock), Villain, Ultimate Spiderman Version.

Front View with grimacing face.

Rear view.

Front view with angry face.

As you can see, print quality is quite good and no issues with  parts or missing pieces.

Brand: Xinh
Series: Storm Heroes - SpiderVerse
Set Number: X0107
Number of minifigs: 8

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  1. thanks for the review. a visual reference for us buyers.