Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hsanhe 6411-1 KFE Shop Modular Building - MOD

Back in August, I reviewed the KFE Restaurant 6411-1 modular building by Hsanhe.  You can find that review in my blog post here.  At that time I made a second floor for the shop and thought to myself, how cool would it be if I could integrate it with the Lepin modular town.   Unfortunately, that version of the building was only 6 studs deep.

I wanted it to sit on a 16x32 baseplate, so I set about making a full depth modular.  You can see the front has not changed too much since I originally built it back in August.

But the biggest difference is when you look at it as a stand-alone model.   I just had enough bricks to build the walls, cobbled together from Wange and Kazi bricks.  You can see some difference in brick texture and colour, but when placed between the Lepin modulars you won't see the side wall bricks.

The two storey building has parking for two cars on the ground floor.  The second floor gets a back door and two windows.  There's even room for a small terrace.

I haven't furnished the second floor yet, right now it's just a monthly meeting place for Criminals Anonymous.

On the ground floor, the original fast food shop, gets a longer counter and two seats.  I didn't make any changes to the counter or grill area.

I'm not done with this modular yet.  I want to add a third floor.  The second floor will be furnished as a living and eating area and the third floor will be a bedroom and bathroom.

Unfortunately, I've run out of red bricks, but am considering doing the third floor in a different colour scheme while retaining the same front facade.  I might do a third floor terrace facing towards the front.

When I add the third floor, I will have to add two  staircases inside the building. That means I will have to give up one of the parking spots to make the stair well.   Until that time, I've added a temporary staircase to the side of the KFE shop.

Thanks for looking at my custom KFE shop modular by Hsanhe.


  1. Haha I was thinking of doing this with the Starbucks. You took it to the neXT level. I will have to copy this!

  2. Nice mod of the KFE (I love those HSAHNE sets) - I've been working on a similar one, except I've only done some freestyle building so far, but I'm pretty pleased with it. It's more like a former downtown KFE that's now either a restaurant or massage parlor (I used ninjago windows) with an apartment on top

    I like your idea for the side staircase, I was thinking something similar.

    Here's a pic:

  3. Those not exactly the same color bricks in the wall are actually great, real bricks are also of different shade. Especially in older buildings. When I first looked at the pictures I wondered how you managed to get those slightly different colors and how it's a great attention to detail :).