Monday, October 10, 2016

Lepin 05032 Captain Rex's AT-TE Building Set Preview

I found these pictures of the latest Lepin bootleg set on Aliexpress.

Some really cool pictures showing Captain Rex's AT-TE walker in action.

When you inspect the pictures more closely, you can see that Aliexpress/Lepin have copied the pictures from Lego, as the bricks in the pictures are all stamped with the Lego name.

The Lepin 05032 set is a knock-off of Lego's set 75157.

It will probably have all the working features that the original Lego set has.

With 1022 pieces in the Lepin set, you might have a few missing or deformed brick pieces.

But then again, you might be lucky and get all the pieces.

Looks like you get five minifigures with the AT-TE walker.

I'm not sure if I will pick up this set as I already have the original Lego AT-TE 75019 set.

I bought my Lego AT-TE 75019 set back in 2013 off ebay.

At that time, there were sellers in the US that were selling the Lego sets really cheaply.

The only caveat was that you got the building sets, but no minifigures.

I think waht the ebay sellers were doing was, buying the sets for the minifigures and reselling the minifigures by themselves at higher prices.

In the case of the Lego AT-TE 75019 set, there were five minifigures that came with it.  

If the resellers sold each figure for $10, that would be a profit of $50 on a set worth $90 at that time. 
Of course the re-sellers probably took advantage of Lego promotions and discounts to get their net cost down.  Then they could afford to sell the remaining set less the mini figures, say at half price and still turn a nice profit.

So on Aliexpress, the Lepin AT-TE is currently selling for about $43 CDN or $33.95 USD with free shipping.  The set has 1022 pieces, so I guess it's a pretty good buy.  I will continue to watch and see if the price drops later on.  If the price drops to $35 CDN, then I will probably buy it.

Brand: Lepin
Series: Star Wnrs
Model: 05032 Captain Rex's AT-TE
Number of Pieces: 1022

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