Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hsanhe 6409-2 Apple Store Building Set - Update

Yup, I did it again.  I converted another Hsanhe building into a full modular.  This time it's the Hsanhe 6409-2 Apple Store.  It will be the 4th Hsanhe building that I have modified.

This is how the Apple store looked after we built it.   You can find the construction review and pics here.

And here's how the Apple store looks now.  Let's review the changes I made.  I designed the Apple Store so that it only has one brick wall and three walls of windows for lots of visibility.  Well that, plus I don't have a lot of light gray bricks left in my stash either.  To compensate, I used a lot of the windows that come from the Bela Friends sets.

Also, I made the base bigger by adding some more plates.  The base is slightly wider than the standard 16 studs because I wanted to make sure to feature the unique facades on three sides of the building.  

Here's a view where you can see how the building looks from side and rear.  I didn't add any detail to the back of the store.

Yup, pretty plain out back.

Another side view.   From here, you can glimpse the fully detailed interior.

I succumbed to adding the stickers to the set, because otherwise it would have been to too plain.  I made a mistake on the main logo though.  I think I should have used some white bricks instead of black.  You can see that the white from the sticker kind of bleeds through.  It's not a solid white.  Oh well, too late now.

Here's the roof of the Apple Store in closed position.

To ensure structural integrity of the building front, I left a bit of the roof fixed to the building.

The wall shelves that came with the set were relocated to the rear of the building.  I also moved the two cash registers to the back, so that the front of the store is used for product display.

I didn't go too nuts on making a lot of product tables, because it would have been cramped.

I added a small tree to the front and tiled in the sidewalk.

I think it's fitting that one of the Apple store employees has green hair.

Here's the updated Hsanhe Apple Store added to my Lepin modular town.   Hope you have enjoyed the pics.   Until next time, bye bye.


  1. In the last pic I see you modified the coffee shop as well. Will you do a post on it? I see a rooftop patio.

    1. Hi Joe, you have a keen eye. Yes, the review of the Hsanhe Starbucks mod is coming soon. Thanks for visiting!