Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hsanhe 6410-2 Seven Convenience Store Modular Building Update

Last month I reviewed the Hsanhe 6410-2 Seven Convenience Store Modular set.

This is how it looked after I finished building it.

Afterwards, my plan was to make the Seven convenience store a full modular building on a full 16x32 baseplate.  The rest of this post looks at how I modified to make it fit with the rest of my modular town.

The most important feature of the building is the colour scheme and the signage so I wanted to keep that intact.

For the rest of the building, it has been extended by another 12 studs to make it 18 studs deep.

I added a bit of a cornice under the facade and made it removable from the building.

I used window frames from a Bela Friends set but not sure if I might revert back to the original black frames that came with the set.

At the back, we have a door for deliveries, plus I added a light to keep the raccoons away from the garbage can.  You will probably notice that some of the white bricks have turned yellow.  Those ones are MegaBlocks bricks.  They are crappy but until I get some new white bricks, I am forced to use these ones.

Here's the roof top.  It's composed of two removable pieces.

As you saw earlier, the front facade can be totally removed.  Here I have just removed the back portion of the roof, so you can see the store interior.

I kept the checkout counter and added a more shelves with products.

I added a slurpee dispenser.

And a giant fridge for keeping things cold.

Here's a closer look at the Zombie minifigure I re-purposed as store clerk.

Just curious if anyone else out there has modified their Hsanhe sets to make them full modulars.  Please let me know.  Thanks for looking.


  1. I haven't modified mine yet but I love your expansion. I'll see what I can come up with but will borrow some of your improvements if that's ok. I love the slurpee machine.

  2. Very clever MOC! The yellow bricks from Megablocks did add a nice touch of reality to bricks in real life. I have seen your review on Hsanhe before I purchase some of them from Aliexpress. Thanks for sharing!