Sluban Blocks

Sluban blocks is a chinese building block brand by Century Youyi Toys.

This is a list of Sluban building block sets in my collection.  Click on the links below to see my review of the set.

Aviation Series
B0362 Cargo Plane, 251 pieces
B0363 Private Helicopter, 259 pieces
B0366 Passenger Plane, 463 pieces
B0367 Airport, 678 pieces

Girls Series
B0516 Postman, 29 pieces

Town Series
B0330 City Bus, 235 pieces
B0333 Middle School, 496 pieces
B0539 Road Roller, 171 pieces
B0551 Excavator, 614 pieces
B0555 Tower Crane, 1461 pieces
B0563 Courier, 28 pieces
B0565 Hot Dog Cart, 112 pieces

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