Monday, February 15, 2016

Lepin 05001 Rey's Speeder set review

 I got my Lepin 05001 Rey's Speeder set today.  It's an almost exact bootleg of Lego's 75099 Rey's Speeder.   

When I say almost, it's because the hairpiece for the Rey minifigure isn't the same as the original Lego set.   Also, this set doesn't come with a shoulder bag for Rey.   Other than those two differences, the brick colours and instructions are identical to Lego.

 As is expected, this Lepin set comes together nicely.  You get 206 pieces (according to the box design), a sticker sheet and two sets of guns still on their plastic trees.  You get the Rey minifigure in Jakku desert garb, head scarf and staff.   As I mentioned earlier, she also comes with a hair piece but it's a long ponytail.  I guess the bootleggers decided that the new triple bun hairpiece wasn't worth producing.  Also, no shoulder bag either.

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 You get Unkar's thug minifigure with the set.  He comes with a crowbar.   Mine came with a missing hand, but luckily I have a lot of them so this was easily replaced.  The BB-8 minifigure pictured does not come with the set, but I thought including it would make the scene more relevant.  He's a bootleg minifigure from Dargo.

 Who remembers the Lego Midi scale Star Destroyer 8099?  I parked it in the back of the shot as an homage to the movie scene.

 The Lepin speeder has the same all the same features as the Lego version.  Side doors can be opened by twisting one of the engines either left or right to open the corresponding door.  There is a storage container that slides out.  It has the two projectile shooters with 8 extra red clear disks.  I guess you could store the projectiles inside the storage unit.

 I won this set off ebay for a little over $7 USD.  Shipping was free.  These days, I find that if I win stuff off ebay for a really low price, the sellers won't ship the item, because they'd rather refund my money than sell something too cheaply.   At 7 bucks, I wasn't expecting this set to arrive.  Arrive, it did and in three weeks which is a lot faster than I expected.

Locally, the original Lego Rey's Speeder set costs $24.99 before taxes.

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Brand:  Lepin 05001
Set: Rey's Speeder
Number of pieces:  206
Number of Minifigs: 2 (Rey, Unkar's henchman)
Copy of Lego? Yes, Lego 75099 Rey's Speeder
Price paid: $7.10 USD w/free shipping.

Monday, February 1, 2016

BELA 10169 Friends Pet Hospital Set Review

This month, we're going to look at a Bootleg Lego Friends set.  I got this one off Ali Express two weeks ago, one of the speediest deliveries ever.  Usually, it takes about 5 to 6 weeks for stuff to come from China, so this one was shipped superfast.  

The set being reviewed is the Bela 10169 Pet Hospital which is an exact copy of Lego's now retired Heartlake Vet 3188.   Pictured above is the manual and sticker sheet.  There's no text on the booklet, but I'm certain that the manual is a duplicate of the original Lego one.

This set came in 4 scruffy looking plastic bags.  Why can't the bootleggers, at least give us some clean plastic bags?  These ones looked like they got dragged around the factory floor.

The next four shots show the separate parts.  Windows, frames and other bits plus the 2 friends figures (minus head and arms).

Baseplates and accessories still attached to the frames.

Smaller brick plates and pieces.  And a pony.

More plates and studs in girly colours (Blech).

Okay, take a good look at it, cuz after this review, the set is being torn down for parts straight away.  There's basically two buildings.  The first is the hospital that has various examination stations inside.
There's also a fish tank, a mailbox and computer desk.  Included animals are a dog, hedgehog and a pony.  I don't remember if that squirrel was included in the set or it just jumped in from some of my other pieces.

I didn't bother adding any stickers.  Here's the front of the pet hospital.  I actually started to build it without all the nauseating pink, baby blue and lime green coloured bricks and it was looking ok.  But I decided I should at least build it once according to the manual, so here it is.

My biggest pet peeve with this set is that all of the clear pieces are scratched to hell.   A few bricks were dirty as well, so I always end up washing my hands with soap and hot water after putting any bootleg sets together.  If I wasn't so lazy, I should have rinsed all the pieces in a tub of hot water first.

I bought this set primarily for the window frames and tan coloured bricks.  I suppose I can probably re-use the turquoise curved bricks also.  The build went together quite quickly and the bricks all clutch fairly well.

Here's the rear view of the hospital.  There's no roof or back to these buildings for easier play access.

Lots of fun for pet lovers.  Comes with 2 Friends style minifigures, which I don't collect.

The second smaller building is the stable, where the pony is kept.  

Side view, nothing to see here.

The other side has another window.

Here's the back side view.  Not a lot going on here.  The tan coloured bricks will come in handy for other builds though.

In hind sight, I should have passed on this set.  It cost me just under 25 bucks USD which is quite expensive for a bootleg set.  Given that the number of bricks included is about 343 pieces, it's not cheap.  You can still find the real Lego set on Ebay for about $50 USD.  

When shopping for bootleg sets, I usually take the retail price of a Lego set and take off 66% to 75%.  So for example, if a real Lego set was priced at $100, the most one should pay for a bootleg copy of it is about $25 to $35.  So for this set, one should only expect to pay between $15 to $20 bucks max.

I recently acquired the Lepin Millenium Falcon bootleg set at a cost of $49 USD.  The Lego set upon which it is copied (75105) retails for $149 USD, so I paid about one third of the price, no tax and free shipping to boot.

But alas, I really needed some of the pieces in this set which you can't find in other bootleg brand sets such as Sluban, Wange or Enlighten.  Hence, I paid a bit of a premium.

Brand: BELA
Set:  10169 Friends Heartlake Pet Hospital
Copy of Lego? Yes, an exact copy of Lego 3188 Friends Pet Hospital.
Number of pieces:  343.
Number if minifigs: 2 plus a horse

If you can find the bootleg set for $20 USD or less, it might be worth buying otherwise, I would not recommend this set for the price I paid.

Thanks for looking!