Saturday, September 14, 2019

My latest Modular building (Hsanhe Starbucks + Lepin Sanctum Sanctorum Mashup)

Hey, what's up?  Welcome back to Its Not Lego!  Just wanted to show you what I've been working on since my last post.  I finally finished my latest modular building MOC which is made up of two parts:  the lower part of the building is my recently completed upgrade to the Hsanhe Starbucks 6410-1, and the upper two floors is a derivative of the Peter Parker's apartment in the Lepin Sanctum Sanctorum set 07107. 

In case you're not familiar with the original Hsanhe and Lepin sets here's what we started with:

Hsanhe 6410-1 Corner Coffee aka Starbucks

Lepin 07107 Sanctum Sanctorum (Lego 76108)

Let's proceed with a closer look at the modular.

As mentioned previously, the first floor is a Starbucks shop, and the second and third floors make up Peter Parker's apartment.  The building sits on a 16x32 stud baseplate and has the obligatory sidewalk in front.  I've used mostly tan coloured bricks paired with the darker tan masonry bricks on the front of the upper floors.

If you exit the back of the Starbucks, there's a convenient patio with seating and umbrellas to enjoy your coffee.  This is also where Peter Parker/Spiderman enters his apartment using the lower and upper fire escape which is preserved from the Sanctum Sanctorum set.

Here's a closer look at the back patio that has seating for three.

Before we look at the interior, I want to point out that the Starbucks can be displayed by itself with the optional roof I made or as the three storey building which has a slight setback from the signage.

So I've got a fully furnished interior, but it's hard to see with the walls in place, so let's tear down one of the walls for a better view.

The green and tan floor tiles match the overall decor of the Starbucks.  You can see the baristas hard at work.  Spidey's just ordered his favorite brew.

Coffee maker with filter and pot occupies the back counter.

Just another view of the main floor.

Now let's inspect Peter Parker's apartment.

The second floor is accessed by the folding ladder.  I wonder if the spiderwebs will give it away that Spiderman lives here.

Removing the front wall exposes Spidey's kitchen and living room.

The kitchen has a fridge, stove and sink with upper and lower cabinets.

Spidey's settles into his comfy recliner after a hectic day of crime fighting. Time for his pizza dinner in front of his TV that sits on his wall to wall entertainment unit.

The exterior of the third floor looks the same as the second floor, except for the giant Starbucks logo plastered on the side of the building, making it visible from miles away.

Third floor fire escape and more spiderwebs.

Combined second and third floors.

Peter Parker's third floor is amply furnished with bed, desk, chair, computer, table lamp and bookshelf.

A better view of the third floor furnishings.

It took me awhile to figure out how to squeeze a three piece bath into this small apartment.

So this bathroom is similar to those found in Asia, where the toilet is located right in the shower area.  The sink is actually on top of the toilet where the water runoff is used to fill the toilet tank for flushing.  The shower consists of hot and cold taps and showerhead.  On the floor is the drain and a bottle of shampoo.

Here's some of my modified Hsanhe modulars all lined up side by side.  If you are looking to add the Hsanhe shops or the Lepin Sanctum Sanctorum to your collection, just follow the links below.

Thanks for looking and see you next time. Product - HSANHE blocks Architecture Building Model Mini Street coffee Shop Small Store super market Educational Toys for Children Gifts Product - In Stock 07107 Avengers Marvel DC Super Hero Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown Building Blocks Bricks Toys Compatible 76108 Thanos

Friday, August 23, 2019

First Look: Tool Zone Modular by Global Bricks GB# 1901

Hey brick fans! There's a new brick brand called Global Bricks and it's producing a tool store modular MOC for the masses.  This cool little modular building is called the Tool Zone and it sits on a 16x32 stud baseplate.  The set number is GB# 1901.

According to the illustrations, the modular is a detachable three storey building with tool store on the main floor and an apartment on the second and third floors.  

What's cool about this MOC is that all three floors are fully furnished with many cool details. This set doesn't appear to come with any minifigures as far as I know.   With 1832 pieces, this modular will be offered for sale on eBay around October 2019.   Pricing for this MOC is still TBA.

The modular is designed by Barrie Crossan of Pro-City Designs.  You can find more details and pictures of the Tool Zone on their website: .

More information about the Global Bricks company can be found on their Facebook page:

If you have any comments or questions, you can also reach them on this Reddit thread:

I'm really looking forward to seeing people's reviews and actual pictures from the build.  Stay tuned!   Bye for now!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Gudi 9603 Ice Cream Truck

I just got this ice cream truck off Aliexpress.  It's made by Gudi and the set number is 9603. My Aliexpress order came super fast despite having no tracking number.  I was starting to get worried that the seller was trying to scam me, but now it's all good.  

 The manual is in the form of a booklet, with all the instructions laid out fairly well.
At the end of the Gudi manual, there is a parts list, just like Lego.  I can't recall Lepin ever doing this in their manuals.

Gudi gives you a sticker sheet to apply all the details on the ice cream truck.  Unfortunately, the colours are a bit muted.  My sheet came munched due to the soft packaging.  While I won't be using the stickers on the truck, I might use them on a future Ice Cream parlour modular moc.

Time to start building.  All of the 228 pieces came packaged in six cellophane bags.  I've dumped them all out here.

I tried to sort all the pieces by colour, but kind of stopped before finishing all the white pieces.  Anyways you can see that the primary colours are the white, turquoise blue and pink pieces.

In terms of accessories, there is a small beige and pink table with a translucent pink patio umbrella.  The set also comes with 2 Lego Friends style minifigures.
There's a male minifig with an ice cream logo on his shirt, so he would be the ice cream vendor.  And there's a female minifig whom I guess will be the customer.
An extra hand was included.  As always, the Friends style minifigs will be given to my neighbours kids.

And here's the completed ice cream truck.  It's a neat little design with the cab area accessed by two opening doors. I like the green colours of the serving window.

With the low awning and the ice cream treats in front of the window, it makes it hard to see anyone inside the truck, I think.  The giant ice cream cone on the roof, is similar to one seen on the Lego ice cream truck.  This Gudi truck is a unique design and not copied from any Lego set.

Here's the Gudi ice cream truck pictured together with the Enlighten ice cream truck for comparison.  They are both relatively the same size length and height wise, except the Gudi truck has larger wheels.  Both trucks display well in on the streets of Its Not Lego town.   The Gudi truck serving window faces the road which is very dangerous.  After I took this picture, I remembered that I modified my Enlighten truck to put the serving window on the curb side of the truck for the safety of the minifigs. Clearly, I will have to do the same with the Gudi truck.

And done!  Here's the Gudi ice cream truck with the serving window moved curbside.

If these vehicles were parked against the curb, this is how they would look like.

Here's the front view of both trucks.  Note that the Enlighten version came with printed pieces, not stickered.  The Gudi truck has a taller windscreen than the Enlighten truck. I prefer the Enlighten trucks PA system.

The Gudi ice cream truck comes with a rear window, whereas the Enlighten truck has an opening door on the back.

While I do like the Gudi version of ice cream truck, not sure if I will continue having 2 ice cream trucks in the town.  The Gudi design lends itself better to a conversion to a food truck by simply replacing the pink bricks.

I already have a fries food truck, so maybe a salad food truck?  Let me know what you think.

If you liked the Gudi ice cream truck, you can find it on the Aliexpress link below.  Anyways, thanks for looking and see you next time. Product - Gudi 9603 Girl Friends City Ice Cream Van Figure Blocks Building Toys For Children Christmas Gift Bricks