Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Gudi 9603 Ice Cream Truck

I just got this ice cream truck off Aliexpress.  It's made by Gudi and the set number is 9603. My Aliexpress order came super fast despite having no tracking number.  I was starting to get worried that the seller was trying to scam me, but now it's all good.  

 The manual is in the form of a booklet, with all the instructions laid out fairly well.
At the end of the Gudi manual, there is a parts list, just like Lego.  I can't recall Lepin ever doing this in their manuals.

Gudi gives you a sticker sheet to apply all the details on the ice cream truck.  Unfortunately, the colours are a bit muted.  My sheet came munched due to the soft packaging.  While I won't be using the stickers on the truck, I might use them on a future Ice Cream parlour modular moc.

Time to start building.  All of the 228 pieces came packaged in six cellophane bags.  I've dumped them all out here.

I tried to sort all the pieces by colour, but kind of stopped before finishing all the white pieces.  Anyways you can see that the primary colours are the white, turquoise blue and pink pieces.

In terms of accessories, there is a small beige and pink table with a translucent pink patio umbrella.  The set also comes with 2 Lego Friends style minifigures.
There's a male minifig with an ice cream logo on his shirt, so he would be the ice cream vendor.  And there's a female minifig whom I guess will be the customer.
An extra hand was included.  As always, the Friends style minifigs will be given to my neighbours kids.

And here's the completed ice cream truck.  It's a neat little design with the cab area accessed by two opening doors. I like the green colours of the serving window. 

With the low awning and the ice cream treats in front of the window, it makes it hard to see anyone inside the truck, I think.  The giant ice cream cone on the roof, is similar to one seen on the Lego ice cream truck.  This Gudi truck is a unique design and not copied from any Lego set.

Here's the Gudi ice cream truck pictured together with the Enlighten ice cream truck for comparison.  They are both relatively the same size length and height wise, except the Gudi truck has larger wheels.  Both trucks display well in on the streets of Its Not Lego town.   The Gudi truck serving window faces the road which is very dangerous.  After I took this picture, I remembered that I modified my Enlighten truck to put the serving window on the curb side of the truck for the safety of the minifigs. Clearly, I will have to do the same with the Gudi truck.

And done!  Here's the Gudi ice cream truck with the serving window moved curbside.

If these vehicles were parked against the curb, this is how they would look like.

Here's the front view of both trucks.  Note that the Enlighten version came with printed pieces, not stickered.  The Gudi truck has a taller windscreen than the Enlighten truck. I prefer the Enlighten trucks PA system.

The Gudi ice cream truck comes with a rear window, whereas the Enlighten truck has an opening door on the back.

While I do like the Gudi version of ice cream truck, not sure if I will continue having 2 ice cream trucks in the town.  The Gudi design lends itself better to a conversion to a food truck by simply replacing the pink bricks. 

I already have a fries food truck, so maybe a salad food truck?  Let me know what you think.

If you liked the Gudi ice cream truck, you can find it on the Aliexpress link below.  Anyways, thanks for looking and see you next time.
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Monday, August 12, 2019

Hsanhe 6410-1 Starbucks (aka Corner Cafe) - Updated Again

The last time I updated the Hsanhe 6410-1 Starbucks building, it was back in 2016, so I felt it was time to refresh the look of the coffee shop.

This is how the Starbucks shop looked like when we last updated it.  You can see how the 2016 version used to look here.  My new design departs from the original by using a more complementary colour scheme.

The tables and seats have been removed from the front of the shop and will be relocated to the back of the coffee shop.

In my previous iteration, the Starbucks included a rooftop terrace, but I no longer think it's relevant anymore, so it's gone now.

I'm still working out the details inside the shop and out back so this might change a bit.

A new tile floor has been added to the interior.  Furniture placement to follow soon.

The employee minifig from the set has gone AWOL, so I've hired a new barista until I can find him again.

Here's how all the Hsanhe modulars look like right now.  The McDonalds, 7-11 and Apple store are completely finished, whereas the Starbucks needs an interior so it's about 90% done.   The KFC shop will get a new facelift after I'm finished with the Starbucks building.

Bonus pic!  I just finished adding a couple of floors to the Starbucks building in which I will provide more pics and details in a future blog post.   Thanks for visiting my Its-Not-Lego blog and see you next time.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Winner 5086 Cable Car Building Set Review

Hello again and welcome back to It-Not-Lego!  The Winner brand of bricks recently put out some new train sets and I decided to buy one to check the quality.

I grabbed a screen shot from Aliexpress where you can get these trains.  There are seven trains in this collection, the smallest set being about 200 pieces and the largest set coming in at over 900 pieces.

The train set that I bought is called the Winner Cable Car which is set 5086, and has 361 pieces.  I have a different idea of what a cable car should look like, so I prefer to call this a streetcar or tram.  Let's open it up and take a look.

My package included a sticker sheet and instruction manual.

There are six bags of parts.

After I finished building the streetcar, I had 14 extra pieces leftover.

In addition to the streetcar, this set includes a crossing gate and four Lego style minifigures, although their faces look a tad different.  There's a young boy wearing overalls and a baseball cap, a musician, an older guy who might be the streetcar driver, and a lady tourist with satchel bag and camera.

I almost forgot to mention that you get 4 pieces of track too, 2 straight and 2 curve tracks in dark gray.

I found that the streetcar is quite a bit larger than my other Lego style vehicles.  I probably can't change the 8 stud width but I might be able to lower the height. We'll have to see what I can do.  For now,  I made a quickie platform to make it easier and safer for the minifigures to alight the streetcar.

I think Winner did a pretty good job on the colour combination.  The streetcar's red and white scheme is complimented nicely by the yellow accents.  There's oversized lights at the front and back.

So the features of this streetcar include seating for 4 passengers plus standing room for the driver at the front of the car.  There are doors on both sides that open.  You can also flip up the roof but to properly seat the minifigures, I find that removing the side panel is easier.

My pet peeve with this streetcar is that the side panels and windows collapse easily if not handled gently.  I found that the best way to pick this up is not by the middle but by the ends.

I didn't apply the stickers, but actually it looks pretty good without them.

Brand: Winner
Model Number: 5086 Cable Car
Number of pieces: 361
Number of minifigures: 4

I give it a 3 out of 5 for this set. 1 point deduction for being oversized and another point deduction for the fragile side panels.   What do you think of the set and my rating?  Let me know in the comments below.   Thanks for looking and see you next time.

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