Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Hsanhe 6409-2 Apple Store Building Set - Update #2

Hi and welcome back to Its Not Lego!  Today I'm showing you a re-build of an older set that I had previously built.  It's the Hsanhe 6409-2 Apple store.  Here's the link to what the build looked like last.   I got tired of the white windows and the footprint of the building was a lot more complicated than it needed to be.

 So in this iteration, I've decided to keep it simple again.  The Apple store returns to its signature all black facade while staying on the 20 stud wide custom baseplate.  On the sidewalk, I replaced the tree from the previous build with a standard street lamp.

When I built the last version of the Apple store, I didn't have enough white bricks for the side walls hence I used a lot of the window pieces I had accumulated from the Bela friends sets.  The new walls have now been sourced from Block Tech brand bricks.

The rear wall hasn't changed much other than being expanded to slot in between the two side walls.

As with all of my other modular MOCs, the roof lifts off to reveal the interior.

The interior of the store has been completely revamped.  I used white and light gray tiles for the floor.  There are banks of computers on both sides of the store.
The table in the front center was kept from the original build. 

The back wall has glass shelves for merchandise display and pulls away easily to provide better viewing of the interior.  I added a long counter for product checkout.  I just ordered some keyboard and monitor printed tiles from Aliexpress to replace the blank tiles that are the existing computers.

It's a slow day in the store so there are only three customers inside and a store employee however there's a lot of room if I wanted to add more minifigures.

Here's the view looking towards the back wall behind the counter.

Hey what's that Google home mini doing in the Apple store?

Outside of the Apple store, I have three more minifigures going about their business.

Overhead drone shot.

Finally, here's the new version of the Apple store situated in between my Hsanhe McDonalds restaurant and Hsanhe 7-11 convenience store, which are also completely revamped both inside and out.   Hope you enjoyed this latest update to my Hsanhe Apple store. What do you think, do you prefer this version or the previous version of my Apple store moc? Let me know in the comments section below.  See you next time! Product - New City Expert Downtown Diner Street Shop Building Blocks Architecture Model Sets Bricks Classic Kids Toys Compatible Legoings

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Lepin 15002 Cafe Corner Modular Updates

Last year, I made quite a few changes to my Lepin 15002 Cafe Corner modular building.  I converted the main floor to a sweet shop, and the second and third floors into a hostel.  As you can see in my picture, I've changed the original hotel sign to read hostel.  I kept the existing awnings but moved the front door from the corner of the building to the side.  

Here's the rear of the building.  On the second floor, there is a small deck which also provides an overhang for the first floor rear entrance.

Where the door previously existed is a display of the sweets and muffins.  The owner also sells her goods out in front of the shop.

The original baseplate was a green colour which clashed with the  pink walls, so I tore it out and replaced it with a brown baseplate.

There's an extensive collection of baked goods at the shop.

At the other end of the shop is the prep area, oven, drink station and cash.

 Here's a closer look at the station where you can have shakes and smoothies made to order.  The interior of the main floor sweet shop was imported from the Hsanhe 6409-1 Sweet Shop set and then completely customized.

Front door on the main floor has been moved to the side.

 Hostel entrance is next to the sweet shop.

The stairs lead up to the second floor of the modular.  This is where the hostel reception is located.  There's also a lounge, a snack center and a computer workstation.

Access to the deck is via the lounge.

 The third floor of the hostel has 6 bunk beds, storage and seating.

 I will be adding a bathroom in the near future.   Thanks for looking! Product - New Lepin 15002 2133Pcs Cafe Corner Model Building Kits Blocks Kid Toy Gift brinquedos Compatible With legoed 10182 Educational

My Giant Collection of Brick Separators!

There's a good chance that you will find one of these weird looking pieces when you buy your bootleg brick sets.  They come in different colours and shapes but they all have one purpose.  It's called a brick separator tool and can be used to pry bricks apart from each other.  

The orange giraffe is my most common brick separator.  I have 15 of them.

 Here's some transparent green ones that look like bottle openers. Not as useful as the orange giraffes but good for lifting the 2x2 tiles I use for my modular building sidewalks.

Here's a long brick separator.  It comes in different colours.

Here's a variation of the green transparent separator only in orange.

 Another variation of the long orange one, these ones molded in blue.

The cute ones are shaped like alligators.

Black ones which are same as the blue and orange variations.

These are my one -offs.  A very rare yellow giraffe, instead of orange.

I keep my brick separator collection all in my Ikea besta box.

I have a total of 44 of them now.  How many do you have? Product - CADA Mobile legoing Technic 1586pcs Super Sports Car Speed Champions City MOC Building Block Bricks DIY Toys For Children Gifts