Sunday, June 6, 2021

Garbage Truck MOC C5333 (Lego Ideas Garbage Truck)


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Last month, I bought this garbage truck MOC set from the BuildMoc store on Aliexpress. Product - BuildMoc high-tech Green White Car Garbage Truck City Cleaner Children Diy Toy Building Blocks birthday Gift Model Set
This MOC is based on the Mochi Master designed garbage truck that was submitted to Lego Ideas back in 2019.  Two years later, Lego has yet to produce this truck.   Here's the Lego Ideas submission:

I just finished building it and I just want to say that this set disappointed.  Don't get me wrong, the original design of the mechanism that pick up the garbage cans and empties them into the truck is excellent.  It's just that this MOC set used some really bad quality bricks.

This truck is really cool in that you can twist a knob on the side of the truck and the mechanism arms will grab the garbage can to lift and dump the contents into the truck.  There is another knob that is used to push the collected refuse into the rear bin.  That bin is hinged so you can then unload it by lifting it up.

Pictured above is the truck using not Lego bricks.  The set comes as shown with three garbage cans and some assorted bones and 1x1 circular pieces.  After I completed the build, there were 2 extra pieces left over.

The instructions are in booklet form.  As you can see on the cover, the set is designated as C5333 and has 379 pieces in total. As this is a MOC set, there is no branding associated with it.

Here's the back cover of the booklet describing the features of the garbage truck.

There are eight bags of parts, six of them are numbered plus one bag of tires and one bag of transparent pieces.

The issues I have with this truck:

The garbage truck has three main colours, green, white and light grey.  The white bricks were somewhat yellowed.  The light grey bricks had some yellowing as well. The green bricks had different shades of green depending on the part, although hopefully not as noticeable in my pictures.

Some of the technic pins and pieces are lacking clutch and tend to fall off (see second pic above).  If I get the pieces to stay on the mechanism to unload the garbage can works fine.

Also, the wheels on the garbage truck do not turn at all.  The problem seems to be with the protrusion going into the back of the rim, it's too tight.

Lastly, there is no interior in the cab of the garbage truck.   

I saw on Aliexpress that the Xingbao brand also has a garbage truck.  I think it's set uses the same unloading mechanism in their truck.  The set is listed as XB-18017 and has 550 pieces.  This model seems to be a bit more detailed and probably the bricks used would be better quality than the C5333 MOC.

If you are thinking of getting this garbage truck MOC, hopefully your set will be better than mine.  I would only recommend it, if you have replacement parts to fix the deficiencies. Product - BuildMoc high-tech Green White Car Garbage Truck City Cleaner Children Diy Toy Building Blocks birthday Gift Model Set

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Sembo Blocks Hong Kong Flats Building Set Review 601095

Hello not Lego fans!  Today, I'm reviewing the Sembo Hong Kong flats set number 601095.  This set consists of two building facades representing some small shops with apartments above them.  There is another set 601096 that has the same theme but with buildings that have tan and white building facades.  I chose to buy 601095 because this set is more colourful with the sand green and dark orange bricks used.

On the back cover of the instruction manual, you get an idea of how both sets 601095 and 601096 would look like side by side.

There are supposed to be 570 pieces in this set and comes with five minifigures.

There are six bags numbered as 1.1 through 1.6.

Then there are 4 bags numbered 2.1 through 2.4.  There are also 3 unnumbered bags, containing the baseplates, minifigures and a bag for a light strips and battery.

Here's the stickers Sembo provides to adorn the Hong Kong flats.  I didn't use any of them on my set yet.  I also didn't use the LED light strips because I plan to deconstruct this set pretty soon.

Here are some of the leftover pieces that were extras or that I didn't use.  The technic pins are used to attach 601095 and 601096 sets together.

There are 5 minifigures included with the Hong Kong flats consisting of a police officer, two male pedestrians and two female pedestrians.  The torso prints are bright and properly aligned, however there's no leg printing.  With the exception of the yellow hoodie guy, everyone else looks like they're scowling, which is pretty much on point if you've ever walked along a busy street in Hong Kong.  The green shirt guy has a strange gray mark on his lips. That would be the only defect I could find.

The completed shops and apartments. I guess I would have to recommend using the provided stickers otherwise these buildings do look kind of bland without them.

Here's the backside of the set.  There's just enough room to allow a minifigure to pose there.  Interior accessories include a cooking area with woks and sauce bottles for one shop and a counter for the other.  Three of the four apartments above are each furnished with a table.

The sand green building is 5 studs deep, with the shop below being a mere 4 studs deep.

The dark orange building is only 4 studs deep overall.

The building facades look ok if you were to just display this set on it's on or with the 601096 set.  But when you display it with other Lego style modular buildings, you definitely notice that the design of these flats are a lot small in size.  The three floors of the Sembo flats equals the height of 2 storeys on a standard Lego style modular building.

Here's the final look at set 601095.  As mentioned earlier, I will probably re-build this set with extra bricks to increase the height and depth of the two buildings.  They will also be placed on a regular sized baseplate as well so I can put a sidewalk in front of the buildings.  At that point, I may entertain putting some of the stickers on the buildings to make them look more realistic.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Happy Build Photo Studio Modular Building YC-20006 Review - Part One

Hi there!  If you are new here, welcome!  If not, welcome back to Its Not Lego, my blog where I review the latest alternative Lego building sets.   Don't forget to check out my other blog Bricks and Figs, where I show you my latest custom brick creations and minifigure collection.

Today, I will be reviewing a new modular building.  It's the Photo Studio by another new brand called Happy Build, set number YC-20006.  There's a website displayed on the front cover of the instruction manual,  It looks like they focus more on Radio Control cars than blocks.  Not sure if they are branching out into other toy lines or not.  Anyways, I didn't see any other building block sets on their website.


    Model: YC-20006 Photography Studio
    Brand: Happy Build
    Pieces: 1773 pieces
    Minifigures included:  Four
    Fake Lego?  No.
    Missing Parts: N/ Deformed pieces: N/ Scratched pieces: N
    #itsnotlego Rating:  5 out of 5 stars.   Excellent brick quality.  Unique concept with the opening walls.  Highly recommend.   The set comes with a huge sticker sheet. Product - 1773 PCS DHL IN Stock Creators Vitage Mode Photography Floor Model Building Blocks Bricks Children Christmas Toys Gifts

I'm going to split up this blog post into two parts because I have so many pictures.  In this post, part one, I'll review the set contents and some build pics along the way.  Part two of the blog post will show you the exterior and interior of the completed Photo studio.   Click here, if you want to skip the construction photos.  Ok, let's get into it!

Unpacking the parts

My set arrived tightly packed in a box and was pretty heavy considering it's only a half size modular building, ie. it only sits on a 16x32 stud baseplate.

Happy Build gives you a lot of options to sticker up your set if you want.  I'm going to only use a few of the stickers and keep the rest for future builds.

Here's the baseplate and the bag of minifigures.  Good to know that the baseplate isn't warped like some of the past sets from other brands.

The minifigures come partially assembled, but you'll have to put the arms and hands on yourself.  

I should mention that the instruction manual is good quality with clear, easy to follow instructions.  There are 5 sections in the manual to complete the photo studio and brick parts are divided into bags according to those sections.

These are the parts bags for section one.   Four bags as you can see.

The pieces from section one will build the modular foundation and part of the phot studio's first storey.

There are five bags of parts for section two.  

All the brick pieces in section two will complete the first storey of the building.

Section three consists of seven bags.

The entire second floor of the photo studio is built by section three.

Section four has four bags of parts.

These parts will build the third floor and the roof of the photo studio.

There are six bags of parts for the final section.

What's unique about the Happy Build modular is that they give you extra pieces to build the photo studio in different ways.  As shown on the cover, you can make the studio have a modern look or a vintage look.

Let's Build!

As mentioned earlier, there are four Lego style minifigures that come with the set.  Three males and one female.  The torso prints all look pretty good.  The faces show a lot of expression, but I dunno if I like the guy in the suit, he kind of reminds me of Fred Flintstone.

The First Floor

Here you can see the construction technique used to elevate the first storey.  The floor is built separately and drops into place.  I like the colour combination used.

This is how the photo studio looks after completing section one.  You can connect this building up to other Lego compatible buildings via the provided technic pins.
The first floor is the meeting room with three chairs and a table.  There's also an old style cash register.  Outside, the light post design is different than the Lego version.
I think it looks pretty good.

Here's a pleasant surprise, the window glass is super clear and not scuffed, scratched or foggy.  I should also add that the brick clutch and colours are great.

With the parts from section two, the first storey is almost complete.  More interior details are added with a coffee counter and coffee maker, a potted plant and a very unique winding staircase.  The staircase is surprisingly sturdy once constructed.  While it looks interesting, I think I'm still partial to the regular staircase.

The Second Floor

Now, onto building the second floor.  This is where the photography magic happens. One thing I really like about this Happy Build set is the fact that every storey has tiled flooring, not just bare studs.  It really gives it a finished look.  In the above pic, the photo wall has been assembled and installed.

And here are some of the accessories that go into the second floor.  There's another spiral staircase that is identical to the one found on the first floor.  There's also a railing for the stairwell.  Photo Studio accessories are a camera with zoom lens, a light stand and a rack of clothes for changes between photo shoots.   I actually got 2 tops of each colour, making 6 tops in total, but there's only room on the clothing rack for 3.

Additional second floor accessories include a makeup table and stool, with mirror.

The Third Floor

As with the previous sections, the third storey floor is covered in tiles.

The third floor is a loft where the photographer will use his computer to edit and prepare the photos for his customers.  There's a desk, chair with monitor.  That round tile on the desk could be a mouse or it might be a Google Home Mini!   What's behind that turquoise door, I wonder?

I'm going to leave you guessing what it is, as I'm going to end part one of this blog post here!   Let me know what you think of the build so far in the comment box below.

Thanks for looking!  See you in part two of the Happy Build Photography Studio review!   Lots more photos for you to enjoy. Product - 1773pcs City Creator Street View Street Shop model Building Blocks Friend Photography Photo Studio Bricks Toys for children gift