Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Winner 5086 Cable Car Building Set Review

Hello again and welcome back to It-Not-Lego!  The Winner brand of bricks recently put out some new train sets and I decided to buy one to check the quality.

I grabbed a screen shot from Aliexpress where you can get these trains.  There are seven trains in this collection, the smallest set being about 200 pieces and the largest set coming in at over 900 pieces.

The train set that I bought is called the Winner Cable Car which is set 5086, and has 361 pieces.  I have a different idea of what a cable car should look like, so I prefer to call this a streetcar or tram.  Let's open it up and take a look.

My package included a sticker sheet and instruction manual.

There are six bags of parts.

After I finished building the streetcar, I had 14 extra pieces leftover.

In addition to the streetcar, this set includes a crossing gate and four Lego style minifigures, although their faces look a tad different.  There's a young boy wearing overalls and a baseball cap, a musician, an older guy who might be the streetcar driver, and a lady tourist with satchel bag and camera.

I almost forgot to mention that you get 4 pieces of track too, 2 straight and 2 curve tracks in dark gray.

I found that the streetcar is quite a bit larger than my other Lego style vehicles.  I probably can't change the 8 stud width but I might be able to lower the height. We'll have to see what I can do.  For now,  I made a quickie platform to make it easier and safer for the minifigures to alight the streetcar.

I think Winner did a pretty good job on the colour combination.  The streetcar's red and white scheme is complimented nicely by the yellow accents.  There's oversized lights at the front and back.

So the features of this streetcar include seating for 4 passengers plus standing room for the driver at the front of the car.  There are doors on both sides that open.  You can also flip up the roof but to properly seat the minifigures, I find that removing the side panel is easier.

My pet peeve with this streetcar is that the side panels and windows collapse easily if not handled gently.  I found that the best way to pick this up is not by the middle but by the ends.

I didn't apply the stickers, but actually it looks pretty good without them.

Brand: Winner
Model Number: 5086 Cable Car
Number of pieces: 361
Number of minifigures: 4

I give it a 3 out of 5 for this set. 1 point deduction for being oversized and another point deduction for the fragile side panels.   What do you think of the set and my rating?  Let me know in the comments below.   Thanks for looking and see you next time.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Hsanhe 6853 Tanker Truck Set Review

Hey boot Lego fans!  Welcome back to Its Not Lego.  I finally got a Hsanhe tanker truck to go with my Lepin Gas Station 02047.  This set number is 6853 and consists of 250 pieces.  It's my first Hsanhe set that isn't a modular building. I guess they are branching out with their set offerings.
This tanker truck bears a striking similarity to the Lego City Tanker truck 60016, especially in style and colour scheme, but I discovered after building the Hsanhe version, the pieces that make up the tank differ from the Lego version.  

I got my set from Aliexpress and it arrived in about 3 weeks.   The instructions to build the tanker truck are printed on a large two sided folded sheet.

There are five bags of parts and a small sticker sheet, but nary an Octan logo to be found.

Time to start building!

Making good progress after completing the steps on the first page.

And here's the finished product.  The clutch on the bricks is excellent.  This thing feels solid.  

This near copy of the Lego set even includes a gas pump but the Lego version has a wheel on the pump where it's been replaced by what looks to be a fire extinguisher in the Hsanhe set.  

I'm not really impressed with the minifigure.  The leg portion doesn't match the body.  That's probably why the minifig is scowling.  Of all the Hsanhe sets I've built, this is the worst minifigure.

Another peeve of mine is tanker cab's cloudy windshield.

No issues though with the rear of the truck and attached ladder.

A view of the right side.

Overhead shot.

On the Lego tank truck there's a hose and spool on the left side, but  on the Hsanhe version it's been replaced by a storage compartment.

Also the last difference is that the Lego truck has white coloured mirrors vs the Hsanhe silver mirrors.

Here's the Hsanhe tank truck pulling up to the Lepin gas station to make a delivery.

The Hsanhe tanker truck is a nice addition to my Its-Not-Lego town.  It's a solid build and looks great.  The misses are the cloudy windshield and the sad looking minifigure.   Thanks for visiting and see you next time!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Hsanhe 6409-2 Apple Store Building Set - Update #2

Hi and welcome back to Its Not Lego!  Today I'm showing you a re-build of an older set that I had previously built.  It's the Hsanhe 6409-2 Apple store.  Here's the link to what the build looked like last.   I got tired of the white windows and the footprint of the building was a lot more complicated than it needed to be.

 So in this iteration, I've decided to keep it simple again.  The Apple store returns to its signature all black facade while staying on the 20 stud wide custom baseplate.  On the sidewalk, I replaced the tree from the previous build with a standard street lamp.

When I built the last version of the Apple store, I didn't have enough white bricks for the side walls hence I used a lot of the window pieces I had accumulated from the Bela friends sets.  The new walls have now been sourced from Block Tech brand bricks.

The rear wall hasn't changed much other than being expanded to slot in between the two side walls.

As with all of my other modular MOCs, the roof lifts off to reveal the interior.

The interior of the store has been completely revamped.  I used white and light gray tiles for the floor.  There are banks of computers on both sides of the store.
The table in the front center was kept from the original build. 

The back wall has glass shelves for merchandise display and pulls away easily to provide better viewing of the interior.  I added a long counter for product checkout.  I just ordered some keyboard and monitor printed tiles from Aliexpress to replace the blank tiles that are the existing computers.

It's a slow day in the store so there are only three customers inside and a store employee however there's a lot of room if I wanted to add more minifigures.

Here's the view looking towards the back wall behind the counter.

Hey what's that Google home mini doing in the Apple store?

Outside of the Apple store, I have three more minifigures going about their business.

Overhead drone shot.

Finally, here's the new version of the Apple store situated in between my Hsanhe McDonalds restaurant and Hsanhe 7-11 convenience store, which are also completely revamped both inside and out.   Hope you enjoyed this latest update to my Hsanhe Apple store. What do you think, do you prefer this version or the previous version of my Apple store moc? Let me know in the comments section below.  See you next time!

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