Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Sembo 102408 SWAT Water Cannon Truck Building Set Review

Sembo Blocks SWAT Water Cannon Truck

Hi again and welcome back to Its-Not-Lego.  Here's a new model we haven't seen before.  It's the SWAT Water Cannon Truck by Sembo Blocks. 

The set number is 102408 and is part of the Sembo Black Hawk series of military style back ops vehicles.  Below are a few of the other vehicles found in the Sembo Black Hawk series.

Sembo 102347 Swat Tactical Vehicle

Sembo 102367 Swat Chemical Response Truck

Sembo 102348 Swat Communications Truck

Sembo multipage instruction booklet, stickers and some firearms.

The back of the manual showing the trucks unique play features which I'll review later.

The Sembo Swat Water Cannon truck building set is made up of 503 pieces, over 12 bags of parts.  The  bags of parts aren't sorted or organized in any fashion, so you have to rip all the bags open to find the right parts as you are building the set.  It also doesn't help that the majority of the parts are black in colour.

The Minifigures

Let's take a closer look at the four minifigures that come with the Water Cannon truck.

This is how they look after assembly.  There are 2 SWAT team members and 2 guys with questionable intent.   The SWAT guys have a black hawk logo emblazoned on their shirts.

Here's the backside printing on the Lego style minifigures.  No confusion here on who are the SWAT guys.

Just a side shot of the figures.

 Bonus, you get heads with dual faces on each of the minifigures.  Here they are with their passive faces.

Of special note is that one of the SWAT minifigures has an interesting 2 piece arm design used to separate the bare arms from the shirt sleeves.  Once attached his arms kind of resemble Popeye's forearms. Unfortunately this unique design doesn't afford any extra mobility or flexibility on the arms like the Xingbao style minifigures. 

The Water Cannon Truck

Ok, time to build this thing.  As I mentioned earlier, the brick parts aren't sorted in any order amongst the 12 bags, so I had to rip them all open to get at everything.

Upon checking out the block pieces, I found them to be very similar to Megablox, so they are not as good as Lepin.  There were a lot of the pieces were scratched and the clear window/windshield pieces were dull and cloudy.  Here's a couple of pictures during the construction.

 Front left side.

 Rear right side.


It immediately became clear that this vehicle was massive.  It's in a much larger scale as other Lego type vehicles.  I can pretty much say this truck is original in design and not bootlegged from any existing or retired Lego set.

And here's the completed truck riding on it's oversized tires.  It's got a mad max sort of vibe going for it, with the bars on the front and side.   The beige gear on the right side of the truck controls the rotation of the turret on top.  Although there's ample storage boxes located on the truck, six of them, there weren't any extra accessories to go into them.

This is the front view of the truck.  There's two water guns attached to the front.  The only missing piece I encountered is on the front grill.  I only got 3 pieces instead of 4.  I've got a spare one in my stash, so not a big deal.  The truck is equipped with side mirrors and windshield wipers.

Despite it's large size, the truck only has room for 2 minifigures.  The cab has opening doors, but it's not easier to place the minifigures through them.

 It's easier to take off the roof panel for egress.

The water guns on top of the turret both pivot up and down.

Here's a top view of the Water Cannon truck.  When not in use the extendable water gun tucks neatly into the back of the truck.

To get at the water gun, you flip up the two panels.

The water gun can be extended and rotated 360 degrees.

When not blasting down anti-government demonstrators, the water cannon truck can also be used for fighting fires.

Almost forgot to mention that in the back of the truck, there is a panel that be opened to access 2 black fire extinguishers (not very noticeable due to their colour).

Here's a look at the accessories and spare parts that came with the set.  Oy, yet another brick separator tool to add to my ever growing collection.

As always, I didn't apply any of the stickers that came with the set.

The truck rolls well and is quite sturdy.  Added to the fact it has a lot of play value, this truck would make a nice addition to anyone's brick collection.  The only cons of this set is that some of the brick pieces are scratched and the windows are dull.  The minifigure printing is very high quality.   Thanks for looking, see you next time!

Brand: Sembo Blocks
Model:  SWAT Water Cannon Truck
Model #: 102408
Number of pieces:  503+
Number of minifigures: 4
My rating: 4 out of 5 Product - Black Hawk SWAT Military Series Chemical defense armored car Building Blocks Bricks Compatible with legoinset SEMBO 102367

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Hsanhe 6410-2 7-11 Convenience Store Modular Building MOD Update #2

Hey there!  Welcome back to the Its Not Lego blog.  This week I  revisited the Hsanhe 6410-2 Convenience Store aka 7-11 Shop.   In case you're not familiar with this set, I posted about it here.

This is how the Hsanhe building looked when I first bought it two years ago.

Not long afterwards, I modified the original Hsanhe building set and made it into a 16x32 modular which I documented here

At the time, I only had enough brick parts to create a rudimentary interior and I had to leave the baseplate unfinished.  But, I finally got all the parts I needed to upgrade the 7-11 shop and so this week I sat down and completely rebuilt it.   Here's how it looks now.

 The sidewalk in front of the convenience store has been tiled and the baseplate widened by 4 studs to accommodate the banking ATM ( inspired by the one found in the Lego promotional store 40305 / Lepin store 36013 sets).

  A closer look at the ATM.

Out back, the service door is now covered by an awning and I took the recycle bin from the Parisian restaurant.

A closer look at the back of the store. I got rid of the street lamp that was previously next to the door.

Not much to see on this side of the store.

An overhead view.

The 2 piece roof removed to expose the new and improved interior.

 The slurpee machine got a makeover and it's flanked by a magazine rack.

New orange and white flooring installed to give a more polished look.  There's El from Stranger Things who is buying her Eggo waffle.  The store keeper keeps the store nice and clean with the handy broom at his side.

There's so much more product on the shelves now.  The girl is having problems choosing the right item.

 The cooler section is preserved from the previous build.

I was able to squeeze in an extra shelf of merchandise by the front door.

A few more looks around the inside.

The mailbox out front was lifted from the Sluban set M38-B0516.

Buddy, can you spare a dollar?  The light standard is a new addition.

 Here's a final look at the 8 minifigures.  The outside ones include a lady at the mailbox, the Fanta store mascot, a down on his luck guy and girl using the ATM.

 The four inside minifigures include girl at the shelves, Stranger Things El, and cooler boy and Zombie store clerk (both holdovers from the previous version).

This completes my review of all the changes to the Hsanhe 7-11 convenience store.  Please let me know what you think of the latest improvements.  Thanks for visiting! Product - New City Expert Downtown Diner Street Shop Building Blocks Architecture Model Sets Bricks Classic Kids Toys Compatible Legoings