Saturday, January 4, 2020

The Gem Store, My latest Not Lego Modular MOC

Hello and welcome back to Its Not Lego! My blog about not Lego building sets, minifigures and my own customs (MOCs).

The Gem Store and Studio Apartment

I just added the final pieces to my latest two storey modular building made from Not Lego bricks that I sourced from my old stash of bricks and Aliexpress.  It's a precious gem store on the main floor and a studio apartment on the second floor built on a standard 16 stud wide baseplate and then widened by 6 studs to accommodate the stairs going up to the apartment.

Quick Tour of the Outside

The front facade of the modular is clad with tan coloured masonry bricks and a small enclosure covers the front door, which is flanked by two lights.    A unique feature on this modular building is the security camera keeping a watchful eye on the everyone who passes by.

Here's another picture of the staircase that leads up to the second floor landing.  The tan and black colour scheme matches the building too.

Instead of a security camera out back, there's plenty of lighting, even under the stairwell.

One more glance at the outside before we head indoors.

Gem Store Interior on the main floor

It wasn't easy trying to take picture of the gem store's interior as this and the preceding pic will attest. 

Pulling the camera back a bit kind of helps with the view but I think I'm going to have to take out a wall to get a better look inside.

That bullet proof glass wall that separates the foyer and the security camera was obstructing our view, so now that those have been removed, let's take a closer look.

 There are three staff working in the gem store.  There's also a security guard for extra precaution.  The store isn't quite open for business yet, so the staff are busy setting things up.

There's a lot of precious stones up for sale.  Final inspection and placement is key to a good sale.   According to the clock it is about 8:30 am, got another hour or so before the shop opens.  Those metal bars on the window will stop all intruders.

 More gems on display around the store.  The security guard spends most days stationed by the front door.  Here's some more pics of the inside.

Let's hope all the precious gem stones are all accounted for.  Did you happen to notice how many security cameras were inside the store (including the ones on the removed wall)?

Studio Apartment interior on the second floor

We will once again take out some exterior walls to get a better look at  the inside of the apartment.

With the room divider removed, we can see the entire apartment.  The kitchen is the first room upon entering the apartment.  It includes a sink, stove, oven, fanhood and cabinets.

 The studio apartment is rented out to a university student.  Her classes don't start until later this morning, so she has time to do some quick vacuuming and eat breakfast, before heading out.

 It's not a luxurious apartment but it has all the essentials including a sofa, a comfy bed and three piece washroom.

Here's the view of the apartment with the other wall removed.

The student really takes pride in keeping her apartment neat and tidy. Hmm, something's missing in the bathroom though.

There, that's better.  Sometimes you don't notice what's missing until you take the pictures.

Gosh, my modular buildings all kind of look the same, don't you think?  Anyways, thanks for checking out my modular building.  Thumbs up or thumbs down?  Feel free to let me know what you think.    Thanks for looking and see you next time!

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Monday, September 30, 2019

Sembo 107006 Wandering Earth Cargo Truck - Part Two: Enhancements

Hey there!  This is my bonus post about the Wandering Earth cargo truck set that Sembo put out recently.  I finished building it last week and this week I deconstructed it a bit and made some minor changes.   If you haven't checked out my initial build of the cargo truck, you can read it about it here.

So I really like this truck, but one of my big gripes about the design was how the doors only open downwards and would be hard for minifigs to get inside.  I modified the door so that it is hinged at the top as well as the bottom.   Here's how the door looks now.  I also added a two sided 2x2 tile, so that the minifigures can stand on the lower door without falling off.

The access door seals tightly against the body when fully closed.   No loss of air pressure.  I managed to retain most of the shape of the door minimizing the impacts to the overall design.

With the door assembly removed you can see that the orignal cabinet has been removed.  I decided to make this area into an airlock.  There's enough room in the airlock for multiple crew members to enter or exit the truck at the same time.

I moved the tank to where the toilet used to be situated.  There's room for an extra tank.

The airlock door separates the main cabin area where suits don't need to be worn.

There's storage units inside the airlock, represented by the contoured yellow 1x2 tiles.  In the main cabin, there's room to store the space suits against the back wall that used to be where the bed was located.

I'm no longer using the right side door so it has been converted into helmet storage.

The right side access door is no more.

Overhead view of modified cargo truck cabin.

 Finally, I imagined what the minifigures might be wearing when not in their space suits.   The unused furniture will come into good use as parts fodder for my modular city.

Let me know if you liked the enhancements to the Sembo Wandering Earth cargo truck or not.   Bye and see you next time! Product - The Wandering Earth CN373 Bucket Carrier vehicle Headstock Military Series Building Blocks Bricks Model toys Sembo 107006

Sembo 107006 Wandering Earth Cargo Truck Part One: The Build

Hey, how's it going?  Thanks for dropping by to Its Not Lego!   Earlier in the year I watched the Netflix epic Chinese Sci-fi movie called the Wandering Earth.  

In the movie, they depicted some awesome looking transport and cargo trucks.
It wasn't long afterwards that you could find different version of the trucks as Lego style building sets on Aliexpress.  All of them are made by the Sembo brand of bricks.  I thought they really looked cool but I wasn't on planning on buying them because my brick building tends to lean towards City and Modular block sets.

But then, during this year's Aliexpress 8-28 sale, I couldn't pass up buying a set.  This Aliexpress store had all of the Wandering Earth truck sets on sale, so I decided to buy the 1446 pieces Sembo 107006 Cargo truck.  I got the set about 3 weeks later and just finished building it.   Here's my pictures from the build.

Inside my package, there was a large cellophane bag, that contained 5 smaller bags, an instruction book and a sticker sheet.  Each of the subsequent bags contained more numbered parts bags that were all matched the steps in the instruction manual.   I took pictures of the cargo truck after completing each of the steps.

The instruction manual.

 Lots of stickers.

Step #1

 All the parts for step one will let you build the minifigs and the cargo truck chassis.

There are four Lego style minifigures that come with the cargo truck.  You get one guy in a blue jumpsuit and three more figures in red space suits.  You can choose to pose your figures with either their hairpiece or helmet.

The minifigs all have backprinting.  The girl minifig has two different faces.

The truck chassis and front bumper.  Weird how Sembo starts building part of the wheel arch in step one and then continues in step two.  They could have just excluded it in step one and started to build it in step two.

A closer look at the front of the truck.  My ladder kept popping off during the build.

Chassis rear.

 I flipped the chassis over so you could see the underside.

Step #2

Step two will complete the wheel arches and start building the cargo truck cabin.

Some interior features include a bed, a cabinet with drawers and an air tank.  The lower part of the doors are hinged and extend down and outwards.

Details on the rear of the truck.

Side profile.

 Looking from back to front.

Step #3

 Step three adds more details to the cabin interior including the cockpit and extra seating.

Front windscreen and some walls go up.

Yup, this set even includes a toilet.

The instrument panel and long sloping console.

Not sure if this is supposed to be the power plant for the cargo truck.  The storage unit doors don't open because they sit too low.

Right side profile shot.

 Left side profile shot.

Step #4

 The cargo truck really starts to take shape on step four.  It includes the construction of the power plant and remaining exterior walls.

I got tired of the ladder popping off so I elevated the truck to make it easier to add parts.

Storage tank and rear struts added.

The completed interior.

There are door openings on both sides of the cargo truck.

Front view.  Looks kind of like a spaceship!

The downward facing vents look really cool.

 Another look at the front of the truck.

Step #5

The truck's giant wheels are installed and the roof panels are added in this final step.

Giant tires.

There are wheel covers that go over the red rims, but I decided to leave them off because I think the red rims look really good just the way they are.

Ok, let's get this truck on solid ground.

Here's the completed right side of the cargo truck with entry ramp deployed.

This is my favourite view of the cargo truck.

Left side view.

Rear view.

Profile view.

Left side door panel removed to allow easier egress.

Right side door panel removed.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed building this cargo truck.  I think it has a very unique look and looks amazing, especially the angled powerplant.  The truck is extremely sturdy and the brick clutch is excellent.  The six beefy wheels makes the truck roll very smoothly.

Things I didn't like was the interior and that included the toilet, and bed.  I mean the toilet doesn't even have it's own compartment or room, it just sits there out in the open.  Talk about total lack of privacy.  I also think the bed and cabinet are completely unnecessary.

Finally, I thought there could have been more thought placed into the design of the exterior doors to allow proper access to the truck.  I would prefer that the doors are hinged on both top and bottom to allow easier access.

So with that in mind, I decided to add my own modifications to the Wandering Earth cargo truck.   Wanna see what I did?   Check it out here!

Thanks for looking and bye for now!  See you next time! Product - The Wandering Earth CN373 Bucket Carrier vehicle Headstock Military Series Building Blocks Bricks Model toys Sembo 107006