Sunday, September 12, 2021

Pantasy P-Box DJ Booth 98001 Set Review


Hey brick fans, welcome back to!   There's a new brand of not Lego bricks called Pantasy and I got a chance to review one of their first sets.   The set is P-Box DJ Booth 98001.  It was sent to me courtesy of and arrived from China superfast (like 2 weeks).

It's a rare treat to see what the set box looks like, because normally the sets I buy from Aliexpress just come in plastic shipping bags.

I particularly like the reflective blue accents on the box flaps.  Each side of the box displays the Pantasy brand and the P-Box logo and set number 98001.

The back of the box shows a colourful graphic of the DJ.

And here is the DJ set unboxed.  Here's what's inside: There are 4 bags of parts, three of them are labelled 1 and the minifigure bag is labelled 2.  Also included are the 36 page instruction booklet and a sheet of DJ related stickers.  Although not exactly specified, I counted 163 pieces for this set, based on the instruction booklet.

Let's Build!

Here's the control centre of the sound system and accompanying speakers.  Based on the colour selection, it looks like this set is meant for girls to build.  I suppose one could replace all the purple and pink blocks with dark gray to make it less "Friends" style.

Here's a closer look at the front of the control centre.

And here's the control centre from the DJ's perspective.  Those are printed pieces for the turntable, and equalizer controls.

Here are the translucent screens for the back of the DJ booth.  The two signs are printed as well.

Here's the completed DJ booth, equipped with control centre and speakers.  It's completed by the lights affixed to the ceiling.  For extra effect, there are flames shooting up on both sides.

Finally, here is the star of the set, the DJ.  The minifigure is wearing a crop top with a blue blazer and matching shorts.  She's sporting a chain that says RICH on it.  What really stands out is her super giant afro style hair.  I can't say that I like it, because it's way too big for her head, made of soft rubber and is loose on her head.  The rubber actually comes off on her head, so I have to continually clean it up.  I think I would prefer just a regular plastic hairpiece.   That would be my only nit about this set.
The DJ comes with a laptop and a set of headphones, which can't be used with the hairpiece.  

Here's the DJ rocking it out in her colourful booth!  

I added some of my own minifigures to groove to the latest tunes!

Final thoughts

This was a really fun set to put together.  I think young kids would really enjoy this set.   Instructions were easy to follow and brick quality and clutch was decent.  I liked the fact that Pantasy used printed parts instead of stickers.  

I think the only improvement to the set would be if they changed the hair piece of the DJ.   And maybe added one or two more minifigures to dance to her tunes.

Almost forgot to mention that these were the spare parts I had leftover from the build.  And that sticker sheet?  I guess the stickers were not for the set after all, one could probably use the stickers for their laptop, book covers or skateboard, I'd guess.

Once again, I thank for giving me the opportunity to review this new alt Lego brick brand called Pantasy.  Here's the direct link to the set on their website.  Here are some of the other P-Box series, you can find on

Thanks for checking out my review of the Pantasy P-Box DJ set 98001.   See you in my next post, bye!

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Sembo Coffee Shop Modular Building 601143 Review

Hey brick fans, welcome back to!  Today I'll be showing you my build pictures from my latest modular building.  It's a coffee shop from the Sembo brand, set number is 601143.   Don't forget to check out my other blog over at too!

This set has a total of 1295 brick pieces and comes with six minifigures, a cat and a bicycle. I'd normally only expect two or three minifigures for a set this size, so extra minfigs is quite generous.  There are two sheets of mostly coffee themed stickers, with a particularly large graffiti sticker for the wall.  This is a three storey building that sits on a 16x32 baseplate.  I purchased this set from Aliexpress around the end of June 2021 and it arrived around mid July, so the Aliexpress delivery times were acceptable.

The instruction booklet is printed on decent quality paper and the instructions are easy to follow.  The instructions are broken down into two sections and the numbered bags of parts reflect which section that pertain to.

The first thing you might notice about this building is the rather unflattering use of dark yellow bricks and light yellow bricks, rounded out by brown framed windows. Not gonna lie, this is one ugly building in my opinion.  But what drew me to this set was the french style architecture of the top floor, which has some similarity to the Lego Bookshop roofline.

All three floors of this modular are furnished inside although only the main floor is fully tiled.  Sembo blocks are generally of good quality however I did find a deformed brick in this set.  Other than that all pieces were accounted for and had decent clutch.

I didn't apply any of the stickers but there are some tiles ready for some coffee posters, flanking an unexpected pink and green gramophone.  The counter has some mugs and baked goods with a large shelf on the back wall that has more mugs and a coffee pot.  There's a winding staircase that goes over the back entrance to the second floor.  Other accessories on the main floor include a microwave oven and cash register.

On the second floor of the coffee shop there are two round tables with seats and some glass mugs.  Other furnishings include two pedestals with flowers and a bookshelf under the second floor staircase.

At the back of the building, there is an awning over the door, with light and a cool looking dumpster.

The third floor of the shop is furnished with a bed accompanied by a night table and lamp.  There's a door that leads out to a back terrace adorned with flowers.

Here's a few close-up shots of the front elevation.  All of the lights on this set are a spooky dark orange colour, unlike other modular sets where typically the lights would be clear glass. Even the street light is dark and foreboding.

Following the standard format, this modular building can be separated at each floor.

All of the interiors in one shot.

Some more pics.

There you have it, the completed Sembo Coffee shop, set 601143.  If you are interested in picking up this set, feel free to check out my affiliate link below.

Thanks for checking out my review and see you in my next post.   Feel free to let me know what you think of this set in the comments below.   Bye!

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Garbage Truck MOC C5333 (Lego Ideas Garbage Truck)


Hello!  Welcome back to my blog,!  

Last month, I bought this garbage truck MOC set from the BuildMoc store on Aliexpress. Product - BuildMoc high-tech Green White Car Garbage Truck City Cleaner Children Diy Toy Building Blocks birthday Gift Model Set
This MOC is based on the Mochi Master designed garbage truck that was submitted to Lego Ideas back in 2019.  Two years later, Lego has yet to produce this truck.   Here's the Lego Ideas submission:

I just finished building it and I just want to say that this set disappointed.  Don't get me wrong, the original design of the mechanism that pick up the garbage cans and empties them into the truck is excellent.  It's just that this MOC set used some really bad quality bricks.

This truck is really cool in that you can twist a knob on the side of the truck and the mechanism arms will grab the garbage can to lift and dump the contents into the truck.  There is another knob that is used to push the collected refuse into the rear bin.  That bin is hinged so you can then unload it by lifting it up.

Pictured above is the truck using not Lego bricks.  The set comes as shown with three garbage cans and some assorted bones and 1x1 circular pieces.  After I completed the build, there were 2 extra pieces left over.

The instructions are in booklet form.  As you can see on the cover, the set is designated as C5333 and has 379 pieces in total. As this is a MOC set, there is no branding associated with it.

Here's the back cover of the booklet describing the features of the garbage truck.

There are eight bags of parts, six of them are numbered plus one bag of tires and one bag of transparent pieces.

The issues I have with this truck:

The garbage truck has three main colours, green, white and light grey.  The white bricks were somewhat yellowed.  The light grey bricks had some yellowing as well. The green bricks had different shades of green depending on the part, although hopefully not as noticeable in my pictures.

Some of the technic pins and pieces are lacking clutch and tend to fall off (see second pic above).  If I get the pieces to stay on the mechanism to unload the garbage can works fine.

Also, the wheels on the garbage truck do not turn at all.  The problem seems to be with the protrusion going into the back of the rim, it's too tight.

Lastly, there is no interior in the cab of the garbage truck.   

I saw on Aliexpress that the Xingbao brand also has a garbage truck.  I think it's set uses the same unloading mechanism in their truck.  The set is listed as XB-18017 and has 550 pieces.  This model seems to be a bit more detailed and probably the bricks used would be better quality than the C5333 MOC.

If you are thinking of getting this garbage truck MOC, hopefully your set will be better than mine.  I would only recommend it, if you have replacement parts to fix the deficiencies. Product - BuildMoc high-tech Green White Car Garbage Truck City Cleaner Children Diy Toy Building Blocks birthday Gift Model Set