Thursday, November 30, 2017

Lepin 02058 People in Park Set Review

Hey brick fans, got a new set to review.  This one is really new, it's the Lepin 02058  People in the Park set and is a bootleg of LEGO City Fun in the Park City People Pack (60134).  I wish I could say it's identical but as we will see later, it's not quite.

 This set consists of 14 minifigures and a lot of accessories.  Let's take a look at them now.

 I ordered this set from my favorite Reddit seller named Jeremy and it came superfast, like one week.

As you know, Lepin is sometimes hit or miss when it comes to the quality of their minifigures, but I can say that the ones that come in this set are all really good.  I'm pretty sure that these ones are very similar to Lego versions.   Let's take a look at the first four, guy in flannel shirt, little playground girl, lady in purple top and lady in green overalls.  The torso designs look crisp and clean and their faces look legit.

 Here's their backsides with back printing on the torsos.  All the hair pieces look like the actual Lego ones too.  Lepin have been known to substitute different hair pieces in the past.

The next five minifigs are the painter lady, little soccer girl and little soccer boy, and senior man and woman.

From the back, only the old man doesn't have any torso printing, everyone else is nicely detailed.

The last five minifigures are presented here.   They consist of guy in wheelchair, hotdog vendor, business lady, playground boy and teen on bike.  The teen on the bike should have a bike helmet and not a white hair piece, unfortunately.

 Their outfits all look right, but I'm disappointed that the bike helmet from this set has been changed.

This guys is supposed to be a teen, but here he looks like an old guy because of the white hair.

 Back view.

 Side view. 
Time to look at the accessories now.

Here's the wheel chair.

 The tires look crappy.

 The hotdog vendor and his cart.  I like the flip up design.  But one wiener and bun is not enough. 

 Here's business lady with her briefcase at the bus stop.  The briefcase doesn't quite close properly but I'm happy to have the bus stop sign for my Its-Not-Lego town.

 Playground carousel and one of two trees that you get in the set.

 A red bicycle, tires are just so-so.

 A park bench with pink flowers.  The petals actually stay on the stems which is an improvement from previous Lepin sets.

Painter girl gets a paint roller, bucket and a fence to paint.

The two kids are supposed to be playing soccer, so what are they doing kicking a volleyball into the net?

Some food items include a croissant and an apple.

 Here's a picnic table with basket.  Nice doggy.

I forgot to mention the baby minifig that's in the stroller. So I guess you actually get 15 minifigs.  That lawnmower is gonna be loud, but luckily baby hasn't grown any ears yet.

 Lepin says you get 258 pieces, whereas the Lego 60134 set has 157 pieces.

 Not a lot of spare parts, just two hands and one flower petal.

I got this Lepin set for about $10 USD whereas the regular price of the Lego version costs $39.99 USD.

This set would have got a perfect rating from me if it had the proper bike helmet and the wheelchair and bike tires were better quality, but for the price, the set rates a 4.5 out of 5 because the minifigure and accessories quality was very good.

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  1. I think that the hot dog vendor hat is wrong it looks like a imperial almirant hat