Aliexpress Deals

With Aliepxress, it has been very easy for me to buy bootleg Lego and clone building sets and mini-figures.  I scour Aliexpress daily looking for deals, and a lot of times I can find sets that are so cheap, I can't pass them up.  Recently, I've had to be more prudent on my budget and so I haven't bought as much lately.  But I thought it might help my blog readers, if I shared some of the deals that I find.

As you know, Aliexpress is a bit of a wild wild west.  There are some basic rules for sellers and buyers, but there's a good chance that you will run into some bad apples in your dealings there, so please be forewarned.   The deals that I highlight may be legitimate in most cases, but some may not be.

I have encountered instances where prices listed are not honoured, or the sale goes through but the product is not sent out.  My success rate in dealing with Aliexpress is about 80 to 90%.  If you run into a problem with the seller, always try to contact them first to work it out.  If they don't respond, raise a dispute with Aliexpress.

Remember that the sellers are individual store owners and they use the Aliexpress platform to sell their wares.   So do not equate a bad seller with Aliexpress being bad.
I have found Aliexpress to be fair when resolving problem transactions with sellers.

Here is my posting about how to buy Bootleg Lego on Aliexpress and Ebay. Product - DHL Lepin 15010 Creator Expert City Street Parisian Restaurant Model Building Kits Blocks Toy Compatible 10243


  1. Hi - Love your blog. I too have been buying Lepin Star Wars from Aliexpress (Idon't just buy Lepin there, I have bought 100s of items over the years)but anyway I would find it really helpful if you could actually link the aliexpress store that you buy each item from and the price you pay.
    P.S. I found this site, might be the real Lepin site

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