Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lepin Iconic Buildings Set List

I think Lepin has copied every one of the iconic buildings that are part of the Lego Creator series. I have found five sets in the Lepin Buildings theme.   I would love to have every one of these sets except that I don't have enough room in my house for all of them.

Set  DescriptionPieces   Lego Set and Status  
17001Agra India -  Taj Mahal595210189 - Retired
17002Paris France -  Eiffel Tower 347810181 - Retired
17003Sydney Australia - Sydney Opera House  298910222
17004London Great Britain - Tower Bridge429510214
17005London Great Britain - Big Ben416310253

Pictures below.

Lepin 17001 Taj Mahal

Lepin 17002 Eiffel Tower

Lepin 17003 Sydney Opera House

Lepin 17004 Tower Bridge

Lepin 17005 Big Ben

All of these sets are absolutely huge with the smallest being the Sydney Opera House at 2989 pieces and the largest is the Taj Mahal with 5952 pieces.  I don't think you could just buy one of these sets.  You'd have to buy all of them and then build a really nice display to show them off next to each other.  How awesome would that be?


  1. I like them but you can't focus on everything. I'm mainly a star wars guy but started creator when the bank came out. I'm not sure who made it but the arc de triumph looks good. It always seems just a bit too much but if a city needs a focal point in a park it would be amazing

  2. although it's not a creator set, i'd argue they're still missing the statue of liberty.