Friday, December 2, 2016

Hsanhe Mini Street Modular Building Set List

I created this blog post today to consolidate everything I know about the Hsanhe brand of small modular buildings, in case you are looking for them.

These little modulars were originally proposed to Lego Ideas CUUSOO back in 2012, but were rejected by Lego.  Here's the link:

There are six modular shops that feature well known store brands such as McDonalds, Starbucks, Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc.  They are part of the Hsanhe series called Mini Street.  To avoid trademark infringements, the Hsanhe brand changed the names and logos of the stores.

These six buildings are minifigure scale and each set comes with two different minifigures, typically a shop clerk and a customer.  Please note that Hsanhe makes a smaller set of shop buildings that are not minifigure scale.  I've seen some errant listings for them on Aliexpress, where they depict standard minifigures standing next to the smaller buildings, but you would be disappointed if you got those ones because they are a different scale and the smaller building sets don't come with any minifigures, so please be careful when ordering.

Here's the list of the six modular buildings:

Shop Name Hsanhe Model Name         Set Number           Number of Pieces       
Dunkin Donuts      Sweet Shop 6409-1 193
Apple Store Apple Store 6409-2 184
Starbucks Corner Coffee 6410-1 190
Seven Eleven Seven Shop 6410-2 208
KFC KFE Shop 6411-1 188
McDonalds Fast Food Shop 6411-2 194

Here are some pictures of the set packaging.  I've also customized some of the building sets to make them bigger and added more details.   Links to my set reviews and customizations can be found below.

The Sweet Shop 6409-1

Sweet shop MOD coming soon!

The Apple Store 6409-2

The Corner Coffee 6410-1

The Seven shop 6410-2

The KFE shop 6411-1

The Fast Food Restaurant 6411-2

Fast food MOD coming soon!

I got the entire set of buildings off Aliexpress for about 5 or 6 USD each, but that was back in June 2016 and I think due to their popularity, the prices of the little modular sets have gone up to just under $10 USD each.

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  1. So lepin wasn't the first to steal from rejected Lego Ideas CUUSOO! Great info. I wish we all knew about the mysterious lepin