Monday, May 30, 2016

Lepin Modular Buildings List

Earlier this year, I heard a rumour that Lepin would be copying the original Lego modular building sets.  Certainly that was an ambitious plan, even for a bootleg company.   Then, around the end of April 2016, images of the Lego Brick Bank set 10251 surfaced, but with Lepin logo in place of Lego.
Then, in May, Asian brick forums started to buzz with actual Lepin set pictures and reviews.

For the most part, the Lepin set is about 98% accurate with some minor changes on a few bricks and minifigure hair.  There have been some reports about missing pieces., lepin modular buildings

The Lepin Creators set 15001 Brick Bank, 2413 pieces

The Lego Brick Bank set currently retails for $219.99 CDN, $169.99 USD.   On Aliexpress, you can find the clone set for under $70 USD or $90 CDN. That price includes shipping via DHL.   That's about one third of the Lego retail price.   Use the Search function on Aliexpress and look for "Lepin 15001" to check availability and pricing.

Update Jan 24, 2017:  I've made a list of the cheapest Lepin Modular building sets on my blog post here.

Here are the Lego modular sets that have been copied by Lepin that are currently for sale on Aliexpress.  So far, there are 14 sets that have been made or scheduled to be released.  In terms of pricing, the following Lepin sets can be bought for under $100 CDN shipped:  Brick Bank, Cafe Corner, Fire Brigade, Market Street, and Green Grocer.  The rest of the sets are about $120 CDN and above.

Lepin # Name  Lego # and Status 
15001 Brick Bank 10251
15002 Cafe Corner 10182 - Retired
15003 Town Hall 10224 - Retired
15004 Fire Brigade 10197 - Retired
15005 Grand Emporium 10211 - Retired
15006 Palace Cinema  10232
15007 Market Street 10190 - Retired
15008 Green Grocer 10185 - Retired
15009 Pet Shop 10218
15010 Parisian Restaurant  10243
15011 Detective's Office 10246
15012 Ferris Wheel  10247
15013 Grand Carousel   10196 - Retired
15019 Assembly Square 10255

I probably won't be getting the Lepin 15007 Market Street, just because it doesn't look like that interesting a build.  If the price of this set drops below $50 CDN, I might pick it up for it's parts.
I'm also not that into the 15012 Ferris Wheel or the 15013 Grand Carousel.

That makes ten modulars that I want.  I only want to pay on average $80 CDN for each, so I'm looking to shell out about $800 CDN.  Wow, I guess I will have to live on instant noodles, TV dinners and Mac and Cheese for awhile.

*** ***

Here are some of the pictures I found on Aliexpress., lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15002 Cafe Corner, 2133 pieces, lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15003 Town Hall, 2859 pieces, lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15004 Fire Brigade, 2313 pieces, lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15005 Grand Emporium, 2182 pieces, lepin modular buildings

Lepin 15006 Palace Cinema, 2354 pieces, lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15007 Market Street, 1275 pieces, lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15008 Green Grocer, 2462 pieces, lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15009 Pet Shop, 2082 pieces, lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15010 Parisian Restaurant, 2418 pieces, lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15011 Detective's Office, 2262 pieces, lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15012 Ferris Wheel, 2478 pieces, lepin modular buildings
Lepin 15013 Grand Carousel, 3263 pieces

Lepin 15019 Assembly Square,  4002 pieces

I decided to order a couple of the sets to review their quality.   Look for a future post in which I review one of the modular sets by Lepin.

Aug 20th Update:

My Lepin modular build reviews can be found here:

15002 Cafe Corner, built June 2016

15003 Town Hall , built July 2016

15004 Fire Brigade, built August 2016

15010 Parisian Restaurant, built September 2016

15011 Detective's Office, built October 2016

Nov 28 Update:

I created a new set list of Lepin Movie themed building sets and have moved the Ghostbusters and Simpsons buildings there.

More set reviews to come!  As always, thanks for visiting Its Not Lego and See you next time! Product - DHL Lepin 15010 Creator Expert City Street Parisian Restaurant Model Building Kits Blocks Toy Compatible 10243


  1. Please a revisión of Grand Carousel!

  2. Please review the 15009 PetShop I bought it and want to know if it's good !!! It's on the way

    1. I will be building this set soon, stay tuned!

  3. I've built the Town Hall - perfect. Also the Fire Brigade with the same problem with the garage door. But otherwise also perfect. Now waiting for the Grand Emporium to arrive.

  4. Hi it's Jason from Edmonton, at work so not on my usual account (I let you know the sandcrawler was on presale). I was searching new sets and wow lepin is going nuts. Now they are even copying LEGO Cuusoo idea’s. check out lepin creator 15015 The dinosaur museum.

    The creator of this set know about it and is pissed, you can see a threat on

    Drama. But a nice set. Very cool and I love museums in general soooo maybe. I'm still waiting for the haunted house to drop in price.

  5. Me again. hold on one minute there is another new set but more importantly look at the second picture.
    lepin creators 15017 a bookstore. Now in the second picture I see this bookstore, the museum and two more sets. Will these be made?

  6. I bought the lepin ferris wheel,,,it was a peace of junk,,
    not the same as the picture on the website,,,some of the bricks where not completely perfect,,so !!! never finish it
    threw in a box and bought a LEGO is perfect....
    maybe I just had a bad deal,,,I e-mailed the shipper a few times with questions and he never answered,,I should have known then,,what a F*****g mess,,,I am glad you got great service....bob

  7. Hi there,

    Just got my Café Corner and it is perfect. No missing parts and all bricks are high quality. I've also got the Ghostbuster firehouse but I did not build it yet, it is Christmas gift fot my son. There was some missing parts though since the box and bags inside were perforated by Dhl. The seller was supposed to send me the missing bricks but as soon as I set the order completed, he stop replying.

    So my advice: dont close your order until you are satisfied. They dont get your money unless you close the order so they are more willing to help!

  8. it will be fun, when LEGO seize to do products, because people supports companies like this. this is despicable, and should be punished with large fines for the people actually buying these rip-offs. it is okay to do building systems, but this is a rip off of Marketing, development and IP´s.

    IT is cheap because LEPIN has "NO COST" for doing development, product safety, element design, and design of the model it self..

    as a genuine LEGO fan, to see this really hurts.

    1. But how do you think we will get access to sets when their production expires and their price skyrockets? How should someone like me, who's simply not able to buy a millenium falcon for 10'000 USD (500 USD MSRP) not buy those rip-offs? It's simply impossible for LEGO to ignore this fact and just move on, when a part of their customers is forced to spend their money on such a product. If only buying those products wouldn't be the only way to make LEGO notice this flaw...

  9. Doing the Dinosaur Museum. So far about 105 missing pieces including crucial ones. Some instructions ignored by Lepin, you just get the "finished step" picture. For those, you also do not get the pieces necessary to complete construction of those steps. Some missing pieces were obviously replaced by pieces that don't fit anywhere in the instructions. I will never buy another Lepin and, despite this being a cool kit, have gotten to the point where I wish I hadn't bought it.

    1. Sorry to hear! The Lepin copies of the dinosaur museum, and barnes and noble modulars were Cuusco ideas, not Lego designed. I think, as such, some of the instructions weren't complete and Lepin just copied what it had.

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