Friday, May 6, 2016

Bela Urban Arctic Bootleg Sets

Lego retired the original City Arctic series in 2015 after a very short run of only a few months. Consequently, the seven Arctic sets are very hard to find and very expensive on the secondary market.

Bela brand has cloned these sets in their series called Urban Arctic and can now be had for a fraction of Lego's original price.
Set: 10443 Arctic Icebreaker
760 pieces
clone of Lego 60062

Set: 10438 Arctic Helicrane
273 pieces
clone of Lego 60034

Set: 10437 Arctic Snowmobile
50 pieces
clone of Lego 60032

Set: 10440 Arctic Outpost
394 pieces
clone of Lego 60035

Set: 10438 Arctic Ice Crawler
119 pieces
clone of Lego 60033

Set: 10441 Arctic Supply Plane
391 pieces
clone of Lego 60064

Set: 10442 Arctic Base Camp
783 pieces
clone of Lego 60036

1 comment:

  1. you tried before bela bricks? i know bela in time when they cloned exo-force, the plastic quality was horribly bad. And now, has they improved the quality of plastic?