Friday, April 1, 2016

Leyi Snowspeeder Star Series 3810 Set Review

While searching for X-wing bootleg lego on Ali Express last month, I happened to come across this Star Wars Snowspeeder knockoff.   It's made from a little known bootleg bricks company called Leyi.
The Star Series is their version of Star Wars and features about five or six different spaceships, some loosely based on Lego design, such as an X-wing fighter and others of their own designs.

There are 178 pieces to this set according to the skimpy two sided instruction sheet pictured below.

You get a sticker sheet for the snowspeeder which I've not yet applied.

It comes with a fairly generic figure with space suit and bike helmet.  The pilot's visor is a bright orange.

It's a tight squeeze for the pilot figure and the canopy just closes snugly on top of the pilot's  head if you lift both arms up.

The Leyi Snowspeeder model 3810 most closely resembles the Lego Snowspeeder set 4500, however this model does not have the rear winch.  Build-wise I would say this bootleg ship is closer to Lego's 7130 Snowspeeder set.

The front and rear canopies can be opened, but there isn't any other interior features to this ship. No seats or controls. Braking flaps move but are loose.

Only a pilot minifig, no gunner.

No interior.

The bricks are pretty inferior and have already started to yellow.  I'll probably chuck the crappy bricks and replace them with better ones.

Brand: Leyi
Series: Star Series
Model: 3810 Snowspeeder
Number of pieces: 178
Number of minifigs: 1
Price paid:  10 USD with free shipping from Aliexpress.
Copy of Lego? Almost, Lego 7130 Snowspeeder

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