Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lepin 15007 Market Street Modular Building Set Review - Part Two

Hi and welcome back to my blog Its Not Lego.  If you've just arrived, we are taking a look at the Lepin 15007 Market Street modular building set which is a knock-off of the Lego Market Street set 10190.  In our previous post we started to build it and completed the foundation, the open market area and the first floor.  You can find that post here.

Second Floor

In this review, we will finish off the second and third floors of the Market Street building.  This part of the build is the least exciting. Essentially you just keep placing bricks all the way around.  The front of the second floor has a doorway and two windows flanking it.  Above the two windows are some small awnings.

As with the first floor of the Market Street building, there is nothing inside the interior except a central staircase.

The light blue bricks are punctuated by light gray creased bricks which gives the Market Street building an old feeling.  Notice the yellow bricks above, where it looks like they have bricked in the windows, just like the first floor.  I kinda wish they had left the windows in, to increase play value.

Here's the second floor completed with a small terrace and railing in front.  So Lepin really skimped out with the two fire hoses that are supposed to make up the top and bottom railing. They are so narrow that the arms that connect the two railings don't stay on. I didn't even bother to put them on.

This is the how the Lepin Market Street building looks with the second floor addition.

Third Floor

Now we start building the third floor apartment.  I say that loosely because since there's no furnishings provided, I'm just guessing that the third floor is an apartment.  There is another door this time flanked by two small arched windows.  Oh, I wanted to mention that the second storey and third storey doors can't even open because of the small terrace and close proximity of the railings.  Really a fail in the design of this building, in my opinion.  Why did Lego even choose to make this Market Street building?

About the only interesting feature of the Market Street building is this third floor patio.  It features a door and seat and a plant (which we will see later).

On the opposite side of the third floor, we get another window and the some roof tiles.

Last look at the third floor before we wrap things up.

Here's the completed Lepin Market Street modular building.

The third floor with completed roof and patio details added.

Right side view.

Lepin Market Street building with adjoining market place.

Tada! All done.  The same problem with the railings is present on the third floor.  I do like the facade details with the lion's head over the doorway.

A final look at the Lepin 15007 Market Street building as displayed in Its Not Lego town.  It won't last long however, as I plan to either renovate the Market Street building or tear it down and repurpose the bricks in the near future.  I really can't stand this building design, I'm sorry to say.

Let me know what you think of the Market Street building.  Do you like it or not?


  1. It is very ugly and doesn't fit in with any other modulars. I don't really know why Lepin bothered, they'd be better off cloning something like Apple Tree House.

    1. I agree 100%, which is why I modded it into a bike shop.