Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Lepin 02069 Building Crane Bootleg Set Review - Part Two

Hi and welcome back to Part Two of the Lepin 02069 Crane Building Set Review.  Recall that this Lepin set is a bootleg of the Lego Crane set 7905. In case you are just joining us, we already finished building the tower, the base and the small buildings and minifgures.  Here's the post for it:   https://its-not-lego.blogspot.ca/2017/12/lepin-02069-building-crane-bootleg-set.html.

Let's continue building the City Crane set.

 The next component of the crane to be built is the control cabin that sits atop the tower.

Here's how you get into the control cabin.  I forgot to take pictures during the build, so I took these next few afterwards.

Secured and protected from the elements.

The back of the cabin contains the crank that will operate the cable and winch. 

 The cabin sits atop this giant technic gear.  The gear sits on the upper tower platform.

The cabin is firmly held in place to the rotating gear by the four technic struts, two of which are pictured above.  The winch cable is threaded from the back of the cabin and over the top of it.

Now the entire cabin and platform assembly are attached to the top of the crane's structure and held in place by technic pins.  Some guard rails are added to the upper platform to give the cabin operator some safety as he's climbing out of the cabin on those windy days.

In this view, you can see where the ladder comes up the tower shaft and meets the platform. 

There needs to be an access hole through the platform so you can safely climb up to the cabin. 

As it is, you probably have to hang from the bottom of the platform and do a back flip up and over the guard rail.  Here's crane operator Mack, attempting that now ...

When applying for the job as this crane operator make sure you mention your gymnastics and acrobatics background.

 And here's how the structure looks so far with crane tower and cabin attached.  You can get some nice views of the buildings below.

Time to assemble the control arm, mostly composed of technic pieces and pins.

It attaches to the top of the cabin and held in place by more technic pins.  Nice and solid.

 Just another look from the front.

A look at the counterbalance.  This needs to be beefed up in my opinion.

The winch and pulley component of the crane ...

... slides along the top rail of the crane's control arm.

Ok, here's the test let's see if this puppy holds.

Oops, didn't realize there was someone already inside.  Clark really misses the days when phone booths were still around.

Oh crap, didn't realize Magneto was in the other building, let's hope he doesn't crush our crane tower with a thought.  Heh, luckily it's all plastic.

Speaking of plastic, here's some spare parts I got with the set.  They were in a separate bag that was un-numbered.


Well, there you have it!  Hope you enjoyed the pics and review of the Lepin 02069 Crane set.
This was by far, the best Lepin build ever.  No missing parts, no scratched glass, brick clutch was excellent.  As you can see the structure is rock solid and totally playable.  The crank and winch work perfectly, and I was able to lift up the porta potty and construction office with ease.  The only thing you have to manually adjust is the travel of the winch along the top rail.   This Lepin set was as close to Lego as it gets.   My rating 5 out of 5.

And yes, Mack did nail his backflip, but just barely.

So who wants to see a review comparing the Sluban Tower Crane to the Lepin Crane set?  Let me know!   As always, thanks for visiting Its Not Lego and See you next time!

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