Thursday, March 8, 2018

Decool 1104 Mini Town Hall Building Block Set

Special Delivery!  Hmm, wonder what's in the truck?  Lisa the delivery lady makes Larry sign for the shipment.   Some of the neighbourhood kids in Its-Not-Lego town all gather to see what's going on.

 Lisa opens up the truck.  Whoa!  So many brick parts!  Lisa's helpers bring out the rest of the pieces.

Izzy wades into the huge pile and finds the instruction manual.  It's the Decool Town Hall!

Ok, time to build this thing.  While Larry goes through the manual, he tells Edwin and Peter to start grabbing parts.  Nibbles the dog wants to be in the thick of things.

 Need more parts!  Izzy carts them over in the wheelbarrow.

Peter snaps the pieces into place while Izzy and Edwin pass him the bricks.

Building up the walls.  Larry watches the kids build.

 Nibbles wants to help.

 Larry comes over to check on the progress.

 So many transparent pieces!

 Larry has to help the kids.

 Keep on building!

 Working on the first floor still.  So much detail.

 Almost done this level.

 Tada, time for a group selfie!  Um, Edwin, we can't see you.

 After a short break,  the construction crew is back at it.

 Er, where do these go?

All modulars need a light post and tree.

Izzy gets to climb up to build the next level.  Larry has to give her a boost.

Ooh, great views from up here.

 Ok, everyone start passing bricks up to Izzy.

 Peter grabs a ladder so that he can give Izzy a hand with the heavier pieces.

 Edwin has the sand green wedges all ready for the roof.

Everyone pitching in.

Another group selfie shot!

 Time for Izzy to get off the building.

 Not sure if the ladder will hold both Peter and Izzy.  Larry makes sure it's ok.

 Larry decides that two people on the ladder is not safe.  There just happens to be a Sluban airplane ladder close by.  Now Izzy feels safer.

Getting a lot harder to reach the top. 

 Time to assemble the clock tower for the Decool Town Hall.

 So, um how do we get the clock tower up on the roof?  It's too high!

 Nick brings his Lego cherry picker over to help.  Yay!

The Decool town hall is completed!

Side view.

Another side view.

Here's how the back looks.

The kids ask Lisa to be in the shot too.  Larry, Edwin, Peter, Izzy and Nibbles all say Hi!

 There you have it, the Decool 1104 Mini Town Hall.  Just in case you were wondering, the wheelbarrow, instruction manual, ladder, airplane stairs, Lego cherry picker truck, Kazi delivery truck and assorted minifigures are not included in the set, lol.

I discovered that this Town Hall is actually a knock-off of Lego set 40183 which was a ToysRus Bricktober promo in 2014.  Based on what I've read, the Lego version of this set retailed for  $19.99 USD.

The set also comes with two little vehicles, a double decker bus and a taxi cab, which I didn't build.  Clutch and brick quality of the Decool version is great. Both the Decool and Lego versions have 186 pieces.

This little set was a gift from the Aliexpress store when I bought my Lepin 15005 Grand Emporium from them.  LOZ brand makes a similar model and it sells for about $4 USD in case you're interested.
Here's the link:

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