Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Xingbao Home Furnishings - The Study Room XB 01401-A Building Set Review

Hey look, here's one of the new Xingbao Home Furnishings building sets.  When these first came out, I was all eager to get them until I saw their prices.  On Aliexpress, the going price for the whole set of six is $69 USD or about $90 CDN.  That works out to about $11.50 USD or $15 CDN per set.  By comparison, my Hsanhe shop sets were about $7 USD each, so yeah the Xingbao sets are kinda expensive.  I had resigned myself to maybe just getting just one or two sets but was waiting for the right time to pull the trigger.

as seen on ebay.com

as seen on ebay.ca

Anyways last month, I was scouring Ebay for brick deals (of which there aren't many anymore), and found all six sets for  $51 USD.  The bootleg brick gods must have been smiling on me that day, because Ebay also had a 20% coupon. That amounted to another $10 USD off.  Score!  

No sooner after I submitted my payment, I get the dreaded message back from Ebay saying the listing had been removed.  In fact upon checking that sellers other building block listings, they all disappeared.   Arrghh!

Nowadays, I know better than to buy any of those ridiculously low priced bootleg sets from the many zero feedback China sellers on ebay, but this particular seller had lots of feedback and mostly positive feedback, so I thought I was safe.   Has this  ever happened to you?  

I reached out to the seller, and was reassured when he gave me a valid tracking number.  My sets subsequently arrived a few weeks soon after, so all was good.  I figure I've saved almost half off $53 CDN vs. $90 CDN.  I never did find out why all his building block listings were pulled off ebay.

Anyways, I digress.  Here is set XB-1401A, the Study Room, one of six in the series.  I'll review each of the other sets in order in future blog posts.  Now, let's rip it open and see what we got.

This is my first ever block set by Xingbao, so I don't know what the quality is going to be like.  Instead of a manual, the building instructions are printed on both sides of a large sheet of paper.

There are approximately 6 or 7 bags of parts.  I emptied all of my bags and sorted them by colour.  No stickers though.  And no brick separator either, unlike Lepin which almost always includes one with each of their sets.

I did a quick inspection of the bricks, and finish looks alright and no defective pieces either. No problems with the clutch or quality of the bricks.

The footprint of each home furnishing diorama is 12 studs by 12 studs, typically with a finished tiled floor, two walls, and some furniture and accessories.  Each set also comes with a minifigure.

In the pic above, I've assembled the giant wall unit/bookshelf.  It's got lots of drawer units and shelved for the assorted brick-a-brack.  You can't see it in this picture, but there's a computer monitor inside the bookshelf, next to the table lamp.  Over the window are some blue and white drapes that give the room some contrast. You can see that the height of this diorama is just about twice the height of the minifigure.

There's a few studs on the floor where you can attach different objects, like this side table and plant.

Here's a  close-up shot of the wall unit.  I took the table lamp out and put it on the side table instead.  The headshot of mister minifig is a nice touch.

You also get a computer chair and a red chair.

Just in case you were wondering how it looks from the outside, I took a couple of pics.

 And here's the completed set!  The Study room is well furnished, don't you think?  At some point in the future, I'd like to incorporate this diorama into one of my modular buildings.

I discovered that each set comes with a few extra pieces.  Here's the ones that come with this set.

Ok, that wraps up my review of the the Study room diorama, part of the Xingbao Home Furnishings building set XB 01401-A.  All in all, this was a fun build, and not too complicated.   What did you think of this set.  Did i miss anything in my review? Let me know!

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  1. I like it...are you going to review all of them?

    1. yes, more set reviews coming soon! thx for visiting!

  2. do you have a link to the 6 sets?

    1. Just search Ebay or Aliexpress for Xingbao Home 01401. My original listing was removed by Ebay.

  3. Bookmarked this blog page. Nice read and reviews. Noticed your site has an hk, you based in Hk too? Anyway great read and keep it up. I just started a mini store, it’s moslty for fans that have asked but if you need help just let me know, eBay terrifies me. Haha all the best, Scottie you can check out brickmeupscottie.com I found you through reddit btw. Big lurker on there hahaha

    1. Hi Scott, I'm based in Canada. Congrats on starting the store, I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Nice to see you posting again. Nice to see Scottie found you. Fan of both of you.

  5. Same as you super excited when I saw them until I saw the price.

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