Monday, December 10, 2018

XingBao Home Furnishings - The Bedroom XB 01401-B Review

Hi and welcome back to  Today, I'll be showing you the second set of the Xingbao Home Furnishings building block set.  This one is XB01401B, the Bedroom diorama.

There's quite a number of parts distributed amongst seven bags.

 In the instructions to build the Bedroom are on a large two sided and folded sheet of paper.

 This set makes use of a lot of Sand Green coloured bricks.  Here you can see the bedroom floor has been tiled and walls are going up.  In the centre is the makings of the large king sized bed with overhanging linens.  In the corner sits on of the two night tables.

This set comes with a large window and drapes on either side.  The large bed is finished off with some colourful pillows and decorative headboard.

 The bedroom diorama is mostly completed.  There's a big picture frame and clock above the bed.  My one pet peeve with this set is the uneven drapes.  One side of the drapes looks higher than the other.  This is how they look following the provided instructions.  This should be totally fixable provided I can find a few spare orange bricks.

Here's what the back side of the diorama looks like.   If you have the Lepin Green Grocer building set, this bedroom would integrate nicely into the second or third floor.

 The completed set.

 The accessories that come with this set include the mini figure in his pyjamas, his pet cat and a darth vader like figure that goes on his night table.

In summary, this set was a fun build and I'm definitely thinking about putting this bedroom into my Green Grocer.  Brick clutch and quality was very good and no missing or deformed parts.  There's a bonus pack of spare parts, but no brick separator.

Ok, it's time to turn out the lights now and give our friends some privacy, heh heh.

Thanks for looking!  Don't forget to check out my review of the Xingbao Study room set XB01401A!
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