Lepin Blocks

Lepin blocks is a chinese building block brand.  Not much is known about the actual manufacturer.
Due to it's near Lego quality, some speculate that the Lepin brand, might actually be owned by Lego itself to address the Asian marketplace.  I've been searching for an official Lepin website but haven't one yet.

This is a list of Lepin building block sets in my collection.  Click on the links below to see my review of the set.  It's mind boggling that Lepin has produced so many sets in 2016.  I only acquired my first set by Lepin, the Millenium Falcon in February 2016.

City Series

02034 Cargo Port, 695 pieces
02036 City Truck, 298 pieces
02047 Service Station, 540 pieces
02058 People in the Park,  258 pieces
02069 Building Crane, 778 pieces

Star Wars Series

05001 Rey's Speeder, 206 pieces
05004 Poe's X-wing, 736 pieces
05007 Millenium Falcon, 1381 pieces
05010 Resistance Troop Transporter, 678 pieces
05020 Obi Wan's Interceptor, 227 pieces
05021 Droid Escape, 219 pieces
05029 Resistance X-Wing Fighter, 740 pieces
05038 UCS Sandcrawler, 3346 pieces
05053 Republic Dropship and AT-OT,

Super Hero Series

07018 Kryptonite Interception, 306 pieces

Friends Series

01011 Pizzeria, 299 pieces

Creator Modular Series

15001 Brick Bank, 2413 pieces
15002 Cafe Corner, 2133 pieces
15003 Town Hall, 2859 pieces
15004 Fire Brigade, 2313 pieces
15005 Grand Emporium, 2182 pieces
15006, Palace Cinema, 2354 pieces
15007 Market Street, 1275 pieces
15008 Green Grocer, 2462 pieces
15009 Pet Shop, 2082 pieces
15010 Parisian Restaurant, 2418 pieces
15011 Detective's Office, 2262 pieces
15019 Assembly Square, 4002 pieces

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  1. Hello
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  2. Have you seen this? http://blog.naver.com/acuatom/220829750071 has pictures. Lepin is now making Modulars based on Ideas project proposals that lego has shot down! Only one Store on Aliexpress currently has a presale for the starbucks and Music store (it doesn't have a name on the images)... https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/New-LEPIN-16004-2232Pcs-Simpson-supermarket-Model-set-Building-Kits-Model-Minifigure-Compatible-With-Legoe-71016/2337359_32742130614.html

    1. Wonder what the pricing will be like after pre-sale.

  3. Who do you order from on AliExpress?

    1. The most trusted company on aliexspress is a company called H&H,ive brought from these guys for the last 3 years and there excellent with dealing with orders and help you if anything does go wrong even tho i have never had any problems. Very trustworthy company... They sell loads of lepin and other collectors products there and very cheap to, you can also set up the currency so u see what u are being charged in your own currency's...happy shopping at H&H .

    2. Can you search a specific store, like H&H from AliExpress?

    3. Copy cats you are a bunch of retarded people you are just another fake lego company who rips off people and I think you are a bunch of retards

  4. I just bought the haunted mansion on eBay.. can't wait to see what this looks like

    1. It's actually quite amazing! Lepin's quality is nice. It feels like Lego, sounds a bit different than the real thing. Locks tightly like Lego. Instructions aren't bad. Color and well planned. The bags are a mess. You do need to open everything and sort through it.. but worth the savings!

  5. Could you please tell me which seller you use when buying Lepin sets from AliExpress?
    I'm thinking of buying some Lepin sets but don't know which seller is reliable...
    Thank you.

    1. Hello, thx for visiting. I'm driven by the lowest price on aliexpress in my quest for lepin modulars, so I'm not loyal to any particular seller. Here are the stores where I've bought my sets from in no particular order:
      5A Toys, Huihui Bags Boutique (such an odd name for a toy store), Teng Can and Yiwu Teng Can ( i think the last two are related). Oh btw, my Sluban tower crane was from Biscuit's Toyland (might as well give them a shout out as well).

  6. Does LEpin send you parts if you send a parts list? I am making a 5' diameter ringworld and will need parts...lots of parts.

    1. there's a few sellers on aliexpress that will sell you brick parts you need.

  7. Do you have any knowledge of the safety of the Lepin brand? I have young children and I'm concerned lead, etc. I noticed that they do have a website now.

    1. https://www.reddit.com/r/lepin/comments/5jpenk/testing_for_lead_substance_on_lepin_bricks/

  8. Hi can you contact me,! dillonxl@gmail.com

  9. В России можно купить конструкторы Lepin. Интернет магазинов много, я закупаюсь в http://lepinlego.ru. Когда они только начинали у них цены были ниже чем на aliexpress ещё и с гарантией.

  10. Please - what a joke to write on a blog about design stealing - hypotric "This is a reminder that unauthorized use and/or duplication of the material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited."

  11. Hi, My son was given a Lepin Star Wars set No. 05032 but there is a piece broken. Is there somewhere I can get a replacement piece?

    1. You might be able to contact the seller and asking for a replacement part. I've heard that some have had some success in this.

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  13. Is there any website that sell LEPIN sets more reputable ? :(( I ordered 2 sets on Aliexpress and both of two are missing some pieces. I search google and saw lepinworld.com getting a lot of good reviews but shipping fee is too expensive. Has anyone bought on this website yet ?