Bela and Kazi Blocks

Bela is a chinese building block brand that copies Lego Super Heroes,  Friends, Arctic and Star Wars sets.   I don't have any information on what company owns Bela bricks.

This is a list of the Bela brand bootleg sets in my brick collection.   Click on the links below to see my review of the set.

CITY series

10417 High Speed Chase, 128 pieces


10239 Doc Ock Truck Heist, 236 pieces

ARCTIC series

10441 Arctic Supply Plane, 391 pieces
10443 Arctic Ice Breaker, 760 pieces


10162 City Park Cafe, 221 pieces

STAR WARS series

10367 Genosis Troopers, 105 pieces
10376 AT-DP. 499 pieces

Kazi is a chinese building block brand that is made by the Kaiyu Toy comapny.

Here is the list of Kazi Block sets in my collection.  Click on the links below to see my review of the set.

POLICE series
6725 Police Station, 631 pieces

8042 Bulldozer, 117 pieces
8043 Dump Truck, 181 pieces

FIRE series
8051 Fire Station, 774 pieces
8052 Fire Station, 300 pieces
8053 Fire Snorkel, 244 pieces
8054 Fire Truck, 206 pieces
8055 Fire Pickup, 143 pieces
8057 Fire Car, 83 pieces

CITY series
85009 Air Ambulance, 206 pieces Product - NEW 318pcs 4 IN 1 URBAN FREIGHT Building Blocks LegoINGlys City Truck Blocks Toy Bricks Educational Building Toys for Children

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