Wange Blocks

Wange is a chinese building block brand manufactured by the Wange Industrial Co.  This company also brands it's blocks as Ligao.

Here is the list of the Wange building block sets in my collection.  Click on the links below to see my review of the set.

Medical series
27163 Hospital, 140 pieces
29162 Hospital, 228 pieces

City Series
30132 City Bus, 318 pieces

Villa series
31054 City Inn, 355 pieces
32051 Villa, 449 pieces
32052 Villa, 458 pieces
34052 Villa, 755 pieces

Truck Series
40615 Cargo Truck, 310 pieces
40616 Automobile Carrier, 463 pieces

Police Series
04225 Riot Control, 155 pieces
51013 Chopper, 206 pieces
52015 Helicopter, 427 pieces

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  3. Broken links.. I guess there is no hope to get replacement pieces for these sets

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