Monday, June 15, 2015

Sluban M38-B0516 Postbox set review

I'm pretty sure that this is a new 2015 set put out by Sluban brand bricks.  It doesn't have any English description but the set number is M38-B0516.  It comes with a minifigure, a baseplate, bricks to build a mailbox and a bicycle., sluban b0516 building set, sluban b0516 building set
Here's how the back of the box looks like., sluban b0516 building set
The one page instruction sheet., sluban b0516 building set
Sluban's minifigures aren't compatible with Lego minifigs.  They have a slimmer leg and arm design and the head is attached to the torso via a post, which allows the head to be placed in a tilted position.

*** ***, sluban b0516 building set
Here's the assembled mailbox and baseplate,  You get two stickers for the letter and the mailbox., sluban b0516 building set
Here's the bicycle.  It is teal in colour with rubber tires and white spokes.  It comes with a yellow stud that serves as a bike rack.  There is a pink basket that attaches to the bike handle bars., sluban b0516 building set
The bike is compatible with Lego type minifigures., sluban b0516 building set
Here's the Sluban minifigure (pictured left) with a Lego style minifigure., sluban b0516 building set
The set comes with quite a few extra pieces.  I really just wanted the set for the bicycle as you normally have to buy a much larger block set to get a bike.  This set only cost me $1 USD on ebay.
The bicycle and mailbox will work nicely in a city type setup.  I'll probably throw away the minifig.

Brand: Sluban
Set:  M38-B0516 (no description)
Number of Pieces:  29 (with bonus pieces)
Number of minifigs: 1
Copy of Lego? No, this is an original set by Sluban.
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  1. I'd like to see more reviews of Sluban sets. They used to copy Oxford, but now do original sets. When they copied Oxford their quality was really bad. So I'm curious what it is like on bigger sets now.