Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Enlighten 1112 Ice Cream Truck set review

Hi there!  Today I introduce you to the Enlighten Brand Ice Cream Truck released this year.  This is the front of the instruction booklet.

Back of the instruction booklet.  It shows some of the other Enlighten sets and an assortment of mini figures.  The instruction booklet is printed on thick, high quality paper.

Here's the packaging which likes the way Lego packages it's sets.  There are some printed blocks but also a sticker sheet.

This is what you get, according to the box, there's 213 pieces.  Two mini-figures come with the ice cream truck, 

Following the instructions is easy.  This is how the ice cream truck looks part way through the build.

Here's a look inside the truck.  You get a dispensing machine and three ice cream cones.

This is how the truck looks after completion, without the stickers.  You can see the steering wheel and the printed instrument panel.  The one hundred dollar bill is printed also.

The rear of the truck has a hinged door which lifts up.

There's enough room in the back to put the included waste can in there.

The entire set.

This is the right side of the ice cream truck with stickers applied.

Here's the left side.

The front of the truck.

The bricks are high quality and have good clutch power.  Stickers and mini figure printing is very good also.

Thanks for looking!

Brand: Enlighten
Model:  1112 Ice Cream Truck
Number of mini-figures: 2 (Ice cream vendor, customer)
Number of pieces:  213
Extra pieces: None
Is this a Lego bootleg?  No, this is an Enlighten original design.

Who knew that Batman liked strawberry ice cream?

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  1. Nice little set. I don't care for the diagonal striped sticker, but the rest looks good.

  2. Please post the instructions book ?

  3. I purchased this and several of the latest Enlighten Police series vehicles, I'm very impressed with the quality of their blocks and the designs. IMO, equal to Lego.