Friday, April 22, 2016

Enlighten 1104 Street Roller Set Review

The Enlighten 1104 Street Roller.

For 2016, I found that Enlighten Blocks have released quite a few City sets.  This Street Roller caught my eye.  

The set number is 1104 and came out in the summer of 2016.  It's not a big set because it only consists of 102 pieces.  They all come in one bag and a separate small sticker sheet.

This two sided instruction sheet also comes with the street roller set.

The second page of the instruction sheet.

The sticker sheet got munched.

Here's all the parts.  It comes with one mini figure.

The assembled street roller.  I like that the colour is a light green and not the typical yellow of other construction vehicles.

The right side has a chrome exhaust pipe.

There's a couple of vents where the engine is supposed to be at the rear of the vehicle.

On the left side, a pick is attached.

Despite being quite small, I actually enjoy the look of this little street roller.

Thanks for looking!

Brand:  Enlighten
Model: 1104 Street Roller
Number of pieces: 102 
Number of minifigs: 1
Year released: 2016
Copy of Lego? No, it's an original Enlighten design
Price paid:  about $5 USD, free shipping from Aliexpress.


  1. well at least the color is environment friendly!

  2. Do you have YouTube channel? I'll subscribe!