Friday, April 8, 2016

Enlighten 1101 Sweeper Truck set review

Recently, I acquired another street sweeper vehicle for my growing building block city.  My first was the Enlighten brand Garbage Truck set 1111.  

This new 102 pieces sweeper truck is also made by Enlighten and it is set number 1101.

Unfortunately, I must report that the build quality and clutch is terrible on this set.

The first issue is the roof.  It is only attached to two upright posts and the windscreen and it is not very sturdy.  You can see from this pic that the posts don't sit very tightly to the vehicle body itself.

The other issue is the two hoses that connect the vacuuming machines to the large collector bin on the back.  The hoses just won't stay on and keep popping off.

On the positive side, I do like the vehicle design with it's hinged cab.

The cleaning brushes roll well.  Front windscreen is tinted blue but not scratched.

The sweeper truck has access doors on either side of the collector compartment for easy refuse collection.

It comes with a shovel and a broom as it's accessories.

I like that it's a smaller vehicle, and it doesn't have a large footprint.

Here is the sweeper driver mini figure and the sticker sheet that comes with the set.  You can see that the set was issued in 2015.

Instructions come by way of a glossy piece of paper, double sided.  Here's page one.

And here's page two on the reverse side.

Brand: Enlighten
Set:  1101 Sweeper Truck
Number of pieces: 102 
Number of minifigs: 1
Copy of Lego?:  No technically, but it looks very similar to Lego set 7242.

On a scale out of 5, I only give this set a 2 or 3, because of it's poor build quality.  I've enjoyed building other Enlighten brand sets, but this was the worst so far.  Very disappointed.


  1. Try clear nail polish. You won't even see it, and you can use it to build up pieces which have bad clutch. Try putting some on the inside of those posts. Let it dry for a day and stick them back on. It'll probably increase their clutch and stabilize the vehicle. Same with the hoses. I've used it on a couple of different sets, and minifigures to give extra strength to arms joints and the like.

  2. one of the better alternative brands out there, Enlighten produces good nice bricks. i think this is one of the few exemptions.

  3. I bought this as well as the fork lift and street roller from same series, I was very impressed with the quality of the blocks and the design. I think Enlighten is my new favorite Lego clone, and with their new designs, they are totally legit, no more copies of Lego sets. I just wish they were more readily available.

  4. Hmm this is a nice set but i Think this is a Clone of an old set from Lego very les Sets from enlighten are Original enlighten Designs this is a mix between
    The Lego Sets
    6649 from the old times
    And 7242 from the Lego City Theme and a very little Bit of self Concept.. ja the Quality realy this Good ? ..