Friday, July 1, 2016

Hsanhe 6409-1 Sweet Shop Modular Set Review

I recently purchased a set of six mini modular buildings from the Hsanhe brand.  I already reviewed the Coffee Corner set, so today let's look at the Sweet Shop set number 6409-1.

To save costs, I don't have the box shipped to me, so this is how I receive the Hsanhe set from Aliexpress.

This building set comes in three bags and some plate pieces.

Instructions are provided on a single two sided sheet of paper and are easy to follow.

 There are approximately 193 pieces to this set.  There aren't any special pieces in this set, so you could easily build this shop with your own brick pieces using the instructions above.

Here are the two minifigures that come with the sweet shop, one male and one female.  Quality of both is excellent.  The male minifigure is wearing the sweet shop uniform and apron, and the female is the customer.

The Hsanhe Sweet Shop is based on the Lego ideas concept.  In that concept, this building was a Dunkin Donuts store.  Building pieces and colours are the same, only the stickers have been changed.

Here's the sticker sheet that comes with the set. I only applied the main log sticker to my set.

Left side view.  What makes this a modular set is the holes on the side where you can connect this building to the others.   Not sure what the green box is supposed to be.  Is it a trash can?  A newspaper box?  A mail box?  I dunno.

Right side view.  There's a small street light that's way too small for the set.  You also get a small strip of plants on the sidewalk.

Police officer smells fresh donuts.  Here's the inside of the sweet shop building.  There are three shelves loaded with sweets for sale.  On the other side of the building is the counter, cash register.
Use the grips please, no dirty hands on the donuts.

Top view of the mini modular.

I moved the counter and cash register so that the mini figure has more room at the takeout window.

Two small lights attached to the underside of the roof.

Here's a last look at the sweet shop.  Thanks for looking.

Brand: Hsanhe
Series: Mini Street
Model: 6409-1 Sweet Shop
Number of pieces: 193  (with some spare pieces).

I bought mine from this Aliexpress store:

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