Saturday, August 20, 2016

My Lepin Lego Wish List

Nobody knows who the Chinese bootleg Lego maker is except, that in the past year, Lepin has cloned most of Lego's large Star Wars sets and now they have started to make all of the Lego modular sets.

There are a few Lego sets that I never added to my Star Wars collection because the cost of the sets was just too expensive for me.  If Lepin were to copy those sets, I would definitely buy them.

Here are a few Lego Star Wars sets that I wouldn't mind seeing Lepin make.

Cloud City 10123

UCS Sandcrawler 75059

Update Sep 25, 2016:   It's here! It's here!
The sandcrawler has been spotted on Aliexpxress.  It is Lepin 05038, 3346 glorious pieces!
Here's the link to it.

Tantive IV 10198

Clone Wars Drop Ship with AT-OT Walker 10195

Are there any other sets you want to see Lepin make?


  1. Lepin Sandcrawler -> a must-have!

  2. Tantive IV and sandcrawler would be amazing. I'm hoping for Boba fett slave I

  3. Oh man just saw the sandcrawler on ali!! Lepin 05038

    1. Thanks for the info Joe! Now I have to change my pants because I just wet myself.

    2. I'm sure more stores will get it and the price will drop. I think I'm going to get this one.

    3. Just a question. Is this your site? I'm in Edmonton Alberta canada. These big sets are mind blowing. I used to just get minifigures. What a change in a year

    4. Welcome Joe, I'm in Toronto ...nice to see a fellow canuck collecting Lepin. Yeah, it's been an expensive year. How many Lepin sets do you have?

  4. I have two bela prototype tie fighters which are spot on. Dewback, escape pod. I have the bank but need to put it together. The cinema and detective office are on the way as is the A wing vader tie fighter. It's a debate what to get next.

  5. I'm not into ships but maybe queen Annes revenge for a nephew. I was hoping for hoth sets and slave 1. I found your page via mybrickstore blog. He doesn't up date very much but I always check his to see what's good.

  6. Let me know when you pick it up and which store. I'll wait for price drop.

  7. We love the sandcrawler!! High on our wishlist!!

    But our son now has discoverd Harry Potter and he is a big Lego fan a well so we would really like to see the big Hogwarts sets made by Lepin (4842+4867 together for example!!!!)