Sunday, September 25, 2016

Lepin 07018 Kryponite Interception Set Review

You would think Lepin already has it's hands full with knocking off Lego Star Wars sets and modular buildings.  Well, that doesn't stop them from copying the Super Heroes theme.  Actually, for Lepin it's Super Herde, lol.   Anyways, this is a new 2016 Lego set, that Lepin has already cloned. It's a copy of the Lego 76045 DC Super Heroes Kryptonite Interception set.

The Lepin set faithfully reproduces the new Batmobile and Lexcorp's forklift.

Here's the Lexcorp forklift with it's 2 flick fire missiles.  The brick clutch is not very good, as the entire forklift canopy keeps coming off when you pick it up.

Apparently, the Lexcorp cronies don't like their picture being taken.  Especially when they are handling Kryptonite.

Well ok, ok, just one picture.  Now get outta here.

In this set, you get three minifigs, the two Lexcorp guys and Batman.

The Lexcorp figures have two faces, Here's their we-don't-care faces.

Batman also gets two faces, here's his smirking face.

And here's his I'm hangry face.

Ok, time to get into the new Batmobile.  The way the roof lifts up is very cool.

Just like in the Tumbler, Batman has to lay down in a reclined position.  He has to sacrifice his posture for the sake of aerodynamics, I guess.

Some shots of the batmobile, of course.

I really like the look of this latest Batmobile.  Thanks to Lepin for making this set a bit more affordable.

Brand: Lepin
Series: Super Herde
Model: 07018 Kryptonite Interception
Number of pieces: 306 pieces
Number of minifigs: 3
Copy of lego? yes, 76045 Kryptonite Interception

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