Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Enlighten 103 Police Station Modular Building Review

Way before there were Lego bootleg brands such as Lepin, Hsanhe and Wange, there was the Enlighten Brand of brick toys.  Enlighten has been creating building block sets for quite a number of years and today I'm posting pics of one of their earlier sets, the Enlighten 103 Police Station building set.

This set consists of a small modular style building on a small baseplate, a black motor tricycle and three minifigures.  I think there are 110 pieces in this set.

 Here's the trike that comes with the set.  It should be noted that I completely disassembled this set a long time ago and although I found most of the pieces again recently, there are some parts I had to substitute because I couldn't find the original parts that came with the set.

There are supposed to be three minifigs with this set, two police officers and some delivery guy with a backpack.  I can't find any of the original minifigs, so I just used some similar ones for the police.  The delivery guy is totally missing so I didn't replace him for the picture review. I'm sure he's around somewhere.

The baseplate is interesting in that it has a parking pad for the trike.  

For such a small set, it has quite a few interior accessories.  You get a control center with printed bricks, a fire extinguisher, a plant and a small table with two mugs.  The chair even swivels.

I was checking to see how much this set costs presently on Aliexpress and I found a few but they were not cheap at about $11 USD.  I think I paid about $7 a few years back.

Here are the instructions to build this set, if anyone is interested in trying to bricklink it.

Brand: Enlighten
Series: Police series
Model:  103 Police station
Number of pieces: 110

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