Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bela 10541 Emma's House Friends Building Set Review

I wasn't planning on buying the Bela brand 10541 Emma's House building set.  But then I saw the set being sold on Aliexpress for half off it's normal Aliexpress price (which is like half price of Lego's price), so I couldn't resist.  This set comes with three Friends style mini figures and has 731 pieces.

The set comes packaged in several bags and includes a glossy instruction manual in booklet form.  Emma's House comes as a two level sectional building.  I don't want to call it a modular because it doesn't fit with the other Lego type modular buildings.

You get two 16x32 green base plates to construct the building on.  Here's one of the lower levels completed.  The front entrance features an arched entrance with a stepping stone path leading to the front door.  The original front door was dark pink, but I've replaced it with a different door.   There is a creeping flower vine on one side the house and a water tap and bucket on the other side.  You also get an entrance light and what looks to be a keypad.

So that was the outside of the house, now let's look at the inside.  We have what appears to be a living room setup, with a couch, a coffee table with planter and a big screen TV.

The other lower level sectional features a large window with a mailbox, small picket fence and fire hydrant.  I put a small tree there, but I don't think it comes with the set.   There is also  a small platform used to setup a painting easel.

When we look at the inside of this sectional unit, we find a kitchen and dining room complete with seating for three.  A free standing light fixture is one of the other furnishings.  In the kitchen, you get a hand mixer located on top of the oven.

Here's the outside of the second floor.  I like these windows and wish they would use them on more of the modular buildings.

Oops, we caught Harley Quinn in the bathroom, let's not look too closely at the makeup counter, flush toilet and big spa tub.

Over on the other side of the building, is an outdoor balcony with sliding door on the second floor.

If we come back inside from the upstairs balcony, there is a bedroom with a desk and bed.

I think I put this second floor section on the wrong first floor section. Oh well, I guess you're supposed to change them anyway you want.

Oh wait, I almost forgot about the rooftop deck, where there is a small table and stool.  Hmm, I smell dinner cooking on the BBQ.   The rooftop patio is surrounded by glass and has great views of Lepin Town.

Here's the assembled Bela Emma's House, front view.

And here's the back of Emma's House.

In case you were wondering what the Bela Friends minifigs look like, here they are.  I don't know their names, but if you are a Friends fan, you probably already know.

Emma's House comes with other accessories including  painter's easel, a bird bath and a flowering tree too.   The Bela brick and build quality is comparable to Lego's, and I didn't have any missing parts.  The future of this Emma's House in my collection is uncertain.  Either I will tear it down for parts or I might try to rebuild it in modular style.  What would you do?  Tear it down or rebuild it?

Brand:   Bela
Series: Friends
Model: 10541 Emma's House
Bootleg?  Yes, copy of Lego Emma's House 41095).
Price:  $20 USD from Aliexpress.

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