Friday, February 24, 2017

Lepin 05029 BootLego Star Wars Resistance X-Wing Fighter Review

Hi.  Today I'll be reviewing the Resistance X-Wing Fighter bootleg Lego set by Lepin.  The model number is Star Wnrs 05029 and it has 740 pieces.  I decided to try a different Aliexpress store this time around.  The store is called BlueSky 326 and they had the cheapest price.  What surprised me is that they used DHL to ship this item.  Normally Aliexpress sellers only use DHL to ship larger or higher value items. 

As you can see this set comes with the parts in approx ten separate bags.  Besides the instruction manual, there is a sticker sheet.

Ok, let's start building!  I'll snap some pics of my progress every time I finish 20 steps from the X-Wing manual.

Here's how the X-wing base chassis and wing mechanism look like after step 20.

On step 40, we create the structure for the Resistance X-Wing's nose.

At step 60, the fuselage is complete and the cockpit is almost ready.

The aft section is built up and the canopy has been added in step 80.  There are supposed to be two gears that control the opening of the wings, and I found that one of the smaller gears was missing from my set.  This is a critical piece, but luckily I remembered that I had a couple of spares in my brick stash.  I would have been really disappointed and upset if I didn't have that gear, because the wing functionality would not work without it.

We are now at the halfway point, step 100.  Landing gear has been installed and the sides panels are done.  The canopy doesn't close properly but I have a fix for that, which I will show you later.

At step 120, I start working on the wings.

Oops, I forgot to take pictures at steps 140 and 160, but that's ok, it was just more wing construction.  At step 180, we finish the last of the 4 wing segments.

The Lepin Resistance X-wing is nearly complete at step 200.  All that's left is making and attaching the rear engines.

All done!  Included with the X-wing fighter is a small diorama that has some storage containers and a vaporator tower that is on fire.

In this pic you can see that Lepin gives us a crappy pilot's helmet that doesn't have the transparent visor.  This was also evident in the Lepin First Order X-Wing set 05004.

Review Summary

Minifigures:  You get the same four as the original Lego Resistance X-wing model, but Poe's helmet is inferior.  Minifig print quality is good except for BB-8 whose top ring is lopsided.

Build Quality:  Brick clutch is good, however the canopy failed to close properly.

Missing or Deformed parts:  A critical gear piece that controls the opening and closing of the wings was missing from the set.  I replaced it with a piece I already had.

Price:  I paid around $25 USD which makes it about one-third the price of a Lego Resistance X-Wing  75149 model.


  1. With my Stat wars tie striker the imperial ground crew has what looks like a black clone trooper helmet. He was one of the reasons I picked up the set as I don't have that minifigure. Still have to put the set together. I ordered it before I watched the new movie and that new tie fighter is barely in it.

  2. Great review. Thank you.

    Could you please tell us how you fixed the problem with the canopy?

  3. I got this one about a month ago and had same canopy issue. I tried trimming a bit plastic from canopy but unfortunately it didn't help much :/. It still won't stay closed. Funny thing is that I also have Lepin's Poe X-Wing and on that canopy fits/works without problems.

  4. Same problem with the black x wing.

  5. I have received the black x-wing but manual instruction manual is missing. I have ask seller for a digial copy (pdf) but without response. The original Lego instruction is available in the web. does it fit to the Lepin one or are there small differences?
    Has somebody a linkt to the Lepin instruction manual?

    1. i think you should be able to use the lego instructions for the x-wing. and they are available online for free.

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone. To fix the canopy, I swapped it with the black/orange Poe's X-wing canopy. Now both stay closed properly.

  7. Any reviews on the Bela Poe x wing?