Thursday, March 2, 2017

Lepin 05038 UCS Star Wars Sandcrawler - The Final Episode

Yay!  Lepin's version of the UCS Star Wars Sandcrawler is finally done.  Let's see how we got here.

Step 80: Here's the assembly of the 4 tractor wheels.

The treads have been attached and the wheels fitted to the main sandcrawler body.

Step 85: A closer look at the wheel assemblies.

Step 90:  The front hatch door is operated by the gear lever at the top.  

Step 95:  I somehow messed up the installation of the extending winch and had to take apart the entire mechanism that opens and closes the door to fix my mistake.  Now the winch extends properly and the door opens and closes perfectly.

Step 100:  All the side panels are installed on the technic structure.

Step 110:  Just installed the finish pieces that link the panels together.

Step 115:  Roof and rear panel assemblies completed.

Step 120:  Done!

Here's a pic of the side panels raised up.  You have to remove the roof panel to access the central winch.  There are different accessories to attach to the winch so that you can lift droids or one of the three containers that are included with the set.   There is also a small speeder used by the Jawas to transport the droids that they capture.

A look at the front of the Lepin Sandcrawler with door open.

Here's an overhead shot of the Sandcrawler.

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  1. You waited for this set for a long time. What are your overall thoughts?

    1. hi joe, the brick clutch is excellent and no missing parts. the gearing that operates the front door and rear wheels works perfectly. the only nit is that the tractor wheels and treadfs don't roll too smoothly. i'm happy with the overall quality and i paid about $160 CDN which is less then half of the Lego version.

  2. Yes aliexpress seems expensive these last few months. I haven't picked up anything big. Some sets that are still in lego store aren't much cheaper on aliexpress. Are the stores getting greedily or is lepin's ego getting too big?

  3. Waiting for assembly square to be reasonable.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I enjoy reading your blog and have been following the Sandcrawler assembly. :-)

  5. I too got a Lepin Sandcrawler and just got to putting on the treads. I noticed each complete track wasn't straight but curved. Once installed they didn't line up perfectly and have a hard time rolling. Everything else has been good on the set. I can always order real Lego treads that hopefully will roll smooth. Still saved a ton over a Lego set.