Thursday, April 13, 2017

Lepin 15001 Fake Lego Brick Bank Modular Building Set Review - Part Two

Welcome back to!   In this post I will finish reviewing the Lepin Brick Bank modular building set.  In case you missed the first part of this review, you can find it here.

In my previous post, I finished building the first floor of the bank and laundromat.  I modified my set by exchanging most of the sand blue bricks with white bricks.  Now we will start working on the second floor of this establishment.   

The second floor basically has three sections;  the staircase leading up to the banking assistant's desk, the bank manager's office and the atrium of the banking center.

The exterior walls of the second floor were white, so I didn't have to do any more brick substitutions.
Pictured above is the second level ventilation shaft which sits between the assistant's area and the bank manager office.

The windows go in for the manager's office.

The manager's office with all the furnishings put in place.  The manager's office has floor to ceiling windows that look out onto the bank mezzanine.  

Here's an overhead shot of the manager's office.  He has a large desk, a table lamp and office chair.  He's also got a small cabinet with an owl statue on it and a guest chair.

I was thinking about changing the green wall to white but then figured the office needed some contrast so i left it as is.

Hmm,  what kind of bank fees can I charge today?

The office assistant's area is pictured above.  She has a desk with a lamp and computer on it.  I'm not sure what the machine is supposed to be in the corner.

The second floor of the Brick Bank's exterior is almost complete.

Here's some views of the second floor as I rotate it 90 degrees each time.

You can see that there's another staircase, this one goes to the roof.

This view shows the open area above with lots of windows.

Last look at the interior of the second floor.

The corner clock is installed. I really like the design.   The police woman doesn't come with the set.  She's just doing her rounds.

The support beams for the roof are in place.  I encountered a missing white brick piece that I had to substitute with my own piece.

This is the giant chandelier that hangs over the bank branch.

I was trying to figure out how to take better pics of the chandelier, so I quickly rigged up these temporary supports to hold up the roof.  I should point out that the Lepin crystals kept falling off the chandelier, so I poked each of the chandelier arms into a glue stick and then re-attached each crystal to secure them.

Look up, look way up.

Continuation of the  brick bank roof.  

Roof opening for the skylight.

Here is the completed roof of the Brick Bank.

I also was short one pulley piece and I don't have any extras of this unique part.  I had just enough to complete the roof detailing but not enough for the winch.  At some point in the future, I will probably modify the roof to remove the winch altogether.

The completed Lepin Brick Bank.  Too bad there's no signage to identify the bank over the front entrance.

Here's the other side with the Laundromat entrance.  The third missing piece I discovered was the 2x3 arch brick that is supposed to be displayed as a laundry machine above the front door.  I made due with just a regular 1x3 brick instead.  

Instead of using the pair of blue pants above the awning, I substituted a red top instead.

The Lepin Brick bank is now the seventh bootleg modular building to be added to It's Not Lego town.  I enjoyed creating the bank.  Luckily the three missing brick pieces didn't hinder the experience too much.   Thanks for looking!


  1. You questioned the kind of machine in the top floor corner: It ie an exclusive coffee machine for Cappuchino!

  2. Great review. Like you I add and swap out things as I go. I picked up some sage green flat 1x2 and 1x1 to spruce it up. Keep up the good work

    1. Something mysterious and interesting seems to be happening about the chicken place.