Friday, September 15, 2017

Lepin 01011 Friends Pizzeria Fake Lego Building Set Review

Welcome! It's time to look at another bootleg Lego set at   Pictured above is the Friends Heartlake Pizzeria, this one is the Lepin 01011 set which knocks off the Lego set 41311.   I paid $12 USD for the Lepin set, where the Lego version will cost you about $30 USD.

Here's how the set looks like if you buy it from Aliexpress. This set has 299 pieces and comes with a delivery scooter and two friends style minifigs.   I've replaced the friends style minifigs with my own.
The brick quality and clutch is excellent.  I didn't get any scuffed bricks or missing pieces.  I also didn't get any extra pieces either.

Here is Lena, she now works at the pizzeria.

Normally, in the set reviews,  I show you pictures of set during construction, but this time we will look at the completed set.  The two storey building comes as shown with a main floor store front, a door and two windows with colourful awnings.  On the second floor, there is an outdoor terrace with seating for two.  The second floor also has an awning, a decorative railing and some foliage.

When we turn the set around we find the kitchen is housed on the main floor.  As you enter the front door, there is a cash register and a phone for taking pizza orders.  On the other side is a small table with some blue tart shells.

There's a prep area with some kitchen utensils, like the cool rolling pin, some dough, a hand mixer and a cooktop and sink.  The pizza oven can hold two pizzas at the same time.

I don't know why but I decided not to install the box behind the scooter.

 It's now easier to just to toss the pizzas in, when you deliver the pizzas.

 Lena thanks you for visiting her pizzeria.

 Lena's little brother Bruno, thanks you too.

Here is the Lepin pizzeria deconstructed.  I took it apart already because I have big plans for the pizzeria.  Can you guess what that might be?   Stay tuned!

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