Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Bela 10643 Race Plane Building Set

Hey all, I just added a new bootleg Lego building set to my collection.  This one is another City themed set, or in the case of Bela, the theme is called Urban.  Featured here is the Bela 10643 Race Plane which is a direct knock-off of the Lego City Race Plane model 60144.  This set has 94 pieces in it and consists of a single propeller plane and a pilot minifigure.

 My set came with the instruction booklet, a sticker sheet and three bags of parts.

 Let's rip it open!  This should be a very quick build.

 Here's the pilot minifigure with helmet and visor.  No issues with the visor.

Here's the race plane about halfway through the build.  Brick quality is excellent, no scratches or scuffs and the bricks have the same shiny finish as normal Lego bricks.  The glass canopy snapped on easily and had good clutch. No scratches on it.

 The completed race plane with canopy in closed position.  You can see how clear it is.

 The large front propeller spins easily.  The wheels have rubber tires unlike Sluban brand planes which only have the hard plastic wheels.

 Rear view of the race plane.  As always, I didn't apply any of the stickers.

 Pilot gets into the race plane.

Ready for takeoff!

I really liked this set, especially given the near Lego quality of the bricks and build.  The only thing I wish they could have done better was to have folding wings.  I might have to Mod mine in future and then it would be easier to transport on the back of a flatbed truck.

The Lego 60144 model will cost you $9.99 USD retail but you can probably get 20%-25% off depending on the sale.
I bid and won my set off ebay and paid about $3.60 USD.  The cheapest price I could find for the Bela 10643 set on Aliexpress cost $4.50 USD.   Hope you enjoyed this quick review, see you next time!

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