Thursday, January 12, 2017

Gudi 9209 Fire Fighting Truck Set Review

I had a good laugh when I opened my latest Its Not Lego brick package.  The Gudi 9209 Fire Truck manual almost seems to encourage arson, because it's called Light A Fire Truck.  Maybe you drive this truck around and set fires instead of extinguishing them.

I bought this small set from Aliexpress for around $5 USD.  It has 156 pieces and is recommended for children ages 6 and older.  This will be my second Gudi brand building block set.
My first Gudi building set was the Police pickup which I reviewed here.

In this set, you get a small instruction booklet, a sticker sheet, one fireman minifigure, a brush fire and a fire truck.

The Gudi Fire truck has a water cannon mounted on top.

I like that this truck is 6 studs wide so there's a nice sense of proportion.  If you recall the Gudi Police pickup truck didn't look right being only 4 studs wide.

The fire truck has lots of play features.  The top mounted water cannon rotates 360 degrees and can be positioned up and down.  There are opening doors on both sides of the truck for easy access to equipment.

The rear door of the truck swings up for more play value.  Here's the door in closed position.

And here it is in the open position.

There are hooks on either side to hang two fire extinguishers that are included with the set.  Inside the truck there's a steering wheel and a seat for the driver.

Overall, the brick quality and clutch is identical to Lego.  The truck rolls well and all the pieces fit together without any issue.  There were no missing parts.  

This is one set that Its Not Lego can recommend for it's play value, quality and price.

Brand: Gudi
Model: 9209 Fire Truck
Number of pieces: 156
Price paid: $4.99 USD, free shipping from Aliexpress

More info on how you can buy it here.

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