Thursday, December 29, 2016

Gudi 9306 Police Pickup Set Review

Today's set review is the Gudi 9306 Police Pickup set.  It comes with a police offroad vehicle and a policeman minifigure.  There are 84 pieces in this set.

Here's how the contents of my package. It has two bags, one manual and one sticker sheet.

All the pieces from the two bags.

The police man minifigure already came assembled so all I had to do was put together was the police truck.

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The bricks are comparable to Lego quality and I didn't have any missing pieces from the set.

The build design was not as sophisticated as Lego builds.  There were a lot of same pieces to be stuck together, especially the pieces making up the truck chassis.

I find the truck to be a bit on the narrow side.  I think it would have looked better if it was six studs wide instead of 4 studs.

I only paid $3.60 USD for this set, but I wouldn't pay any more for this set. It's not really that special.

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