Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sluban M38-B0563 Scooter Courier

At 28 pieces, this is probably the smallest building set that Sluban puts out.  Set M38-B0563 basically has one minifigure and one scooter and that's it.  The price of this fancy set is a whopping $1.52 USD shipped for free.  The postage probably costs more than this set.

My set arrived in a small plastic bag.  Inside was another transparent bag with the parts, instruction sheet and stickers.  I've been pretty pleased with the quality of the recent Sluban building sets. Clutch is good and the bricks look to be clean.

The Sluban delivery guy looks happy to be freed from all that plastic.

His scooter is still attached to the plastic sprue.

These are the main scooter pieces.

The delivery guy is happy to see his new ride assembled.

Here's our courier going out on his first delivery.

This guy looks like he's having too much fun.  I like that the Sluban minifigures can be easily posable, including their heads.

Ok quit smiling, we're not gonna pay you that much.

And off he goes!  See you!

Almost forgot to show you the sticker sheet.  One of the packages he would be delivering is the Sluban M38-B0555 construction crane set!

Brand: Sluban
Model: M38-B0563 Scooter Courier
Number of pieces: 28


  1. This is a great looking scooter! I wish I can find this Sluban set at my shops.

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